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Buy Diccionario geomorfológico: Con equivalentes de los términos de uso más común en alemán, francés, inglés y ruso (Spanish Edition) on Diccionario geomorfológico: con equivalentes de los términos de uso más común en alemán, francés, inglés y ruso. Front Cover. José Lugo Hubp, Joaquín . Diccionario geologico-geomorfologico. Front Cover Instituto Panamericano de Geografia e Historia, – Diccionarios geologicos – pages.

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Author index 6. The names of languages have been abbreviated to a two-letter mnemonic symbol, e. Abbreviations used for names of languages 8 2. Defining dictionaries published exclusively in foreign languages are identified by an abbreviated note following the translated title: SI; 61 IRE Para lograrlo, vuelve a la idea matriz de su libro deEl palimpsesto del calco aparente: Permuted title printout Keyword-in-Context was also rejected for obvious reasons: Lists with This Book.

Dicionario portugues | Alan Barros –

While a few excellent bibliographies have been published in the last decade e. In cases in which no individual or corporate author was cited, the entry was listed by title.

GLFR 16P. Within the limits set by time and budget, considerable effort was made to locate and peruse as many entries as possible ; however, the com- pilation does not claim to be all-inclusive.

Diccionario geomorfológico ( edition) | Open Library

Marton ” See other formats. See Bibliographic References, pp. Geomorfopogico 60 IRE Las rocas graniticas y la mineralizacion aurifera asociada, en la Cordiller Oriental del Norte del Peru, 6[grados] 30′ – 7[grados] 30′. Within each language group, the entries are arranged alphabetically by author or title.


Alfonsina marked it as to-read Jan 23, Index references for languages contained in the polyglot dictionaries include — in addition to page and subject — the symbol PO and the first word of the entry. For the benefit of those interested in the mechanization aspectsit is perhaps appropriate to touch upon the main features of the system adopted: Emphasis was placed on significant titles issued in the past twelve years.

diccionario geomorfologico pdf

Most entries in this bibliography consist of individual or corporate author soriginal title, abbreviated translation of foreign titles, imprint, Library of Congress card number, and approximate number of terms contained in the dictionary.

Andrea Olvera added it Sep 21, In the case of several editions of the same title usually the latest available edition has been listed. TECH1 Raisa Torres marked it as to-read Jun 11, For the same reason, abbre- viations or omission of parts of original titles are sparingly used, even if the original title is in English.

I8I for readers interested in specific, narrower topics. Lists duccionario abbreviations used in the bibliography 3. See List of Language Abbreviations, p.

BT 56PT.

The Library of Congress transliteration system for Slavic languages and romanization system for Oriental languages have been used throughout. A detailed Language Index is provided on pp. Socorro marked it as to-read Apr 03, Peters, Chief of the Graphic Arts Section, and staff members in that section, for assistance in the preparation of the manuscript-printout for photo- offset printing.


Del jeep Willys a la llave maya: Rodrigo Uruguay marked it as to-read Jun 04, Another aspect of these limitations is the substitution of commas for apostrophes in Western languages and for apostrophe-like symbols in the romanization systems for Oriental languages and in the transliteration systems for Slavic languages.

It goes without saying that a compilation of this nature would not have been possible without the generous help of many specialists; the bibliography has been strengthened through the assistance and counsel of many scientists, librarians, linguists and translators in the Washington area. The by-product of an acquisition program aimed at the expansion of the technical dictionary collection of the National Bureau of Standards Library, the compilation comprises unilingual defining glossaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias and bi- or multilingual dictionaries in the physical sciences and technology listed in a subject-language arrangement.