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The RP is the middle model in Digitech’s new range of three digital guitar preamps, all of which take advantage of the company’s newly developed Audio. If you want to add an extra flare of style to your guitar playing, you can try the DigiTech RP effects pedal. This small yet versatile digital processor comes. The Digitech RP Guitar Modeling Processor is a comprehensive guitar workstation that makes Digitech’s Component Modeling technology easy and intuitive.

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All user reviews for the DigiTech RP250

Behringer Multi Effects Pedal. Write a user review Ask for a user review. The simulations are also pedals distos trs good and effective! I was happy with my non-pedal RP unit, gp250 an add on pedal was just as much money as an RP, so we’re going to try the old RP as a vocal effects unit.

The bypass is just like the effects, not amazing but useable.

Good finish plastic solid, nice pedal metal On all day in config sound card, no worries. Be divitech first to review this item. Two pedals up and down for selection of effect! Yes, I will redeem it without problem. I bought this one so I could have a pedal. You can get lost in your playing when you connect this DigiTech unit to your amp and create the specific effects that you want when you want them.

DigiTech RP-250 Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal

Anyway, I’d tell any of my friends to buy one of these and I’d gladly help them set it up. Log in Become a member. I use it for 2 years I think, and I’m not complaining.


This effects pedal can easily take the place of 21 different amplifiers, 54 effects pedals, and 14 cabinets, therefore cutting down on the gear that you need to create beautiful and alluring guitar effects.

The tone dial allows you to switch between different amplifier simulations and boasts 16 different combo’s that are sure to satisfy guitarists of many genre’s and styles.

Digitwch a company go to this much trouble just to make you register a product? The effects sound nice, the distortions are okay, and the built in drum machine and USB recording features are really handy for making quick sketches of songs. They can be set up to sound okay, but they’re mostly very weak and mediocre. Directly into a PC I recommend “mutate” simulations of Staff select “Direct” and use a “real” simulator columns like Palmer.

Additional Product Features Nominal Input.

User reviews: DigiTech RP – Audiofanzine

At that price, it’s the ball! I do not know if I would use it live or in a group but when it is working computer music I am more than satisfied!

There is another dial that allows you to control the depth of the effect you are using and a master volume dial to control sound output. The down digiech was the software to set up effects on my PC.

The RP’s expression pedal can be loaded with up to three effects parameters, for combined effects shifts that are only limited by your imagination. Like every multieffects unit I’ve tried the distortions leave a lot to be desired. Easy to use if we handle this type of adjacent pedals, is branch and we play by the different patches dfile by footswitches.


Other Guitar Effects Pedals. Two up-streams and two down-streams make the RP an excellent choice for direct computer recording. You can save your favorite combinations as one of the 60 user memory locations at your disposal.

DigiTech RP Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal | eBay

Trs quickly we can get the sound you want. I was planning to buy a pedal, and with my budget I found myself with an expression of USB and more!

I recommend however to have an amp “clean” to connect the pedal on, it’s not a frontman 10w you have digitwch clean. It can therefore presets for each in memory it seems, finally has it right not need as much, do not worry edit his sound. On a scale of 1 to 10 i would give this 9. I leave mine plugged in for hours at a time and it doesn’t get hot, which is a big difference from other comparable pedals.

The criticism that I would do is the proximity of the pedals which there is a chance to press a button by mistake and not look very pro for the concerts.