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Christopher Hitchens sigue defendiendo la magnificencia de un universo sin Dios con esta antología, la primera en su género, de las voces más influyentes, de. Una provocadora visita guiada al pensamiento ateo y agnóstico a través de los siglos. Christopher Hitchens sigue defendiendo la magnificencia de un universo .

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This book is anything but portable. It’s no coincidence that countries with higher social safety nets and higher levels of education have larger proportions of christophher. The great thing about reading is that you are bound to learn something new.

Dios no existe by Christopher Hitchens (4 star ratings)

By far the strongest argument against theism. No trivia or quizzes yet. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Very good collection, though I abhor Christopher Hitchens. People make lists of the books that impacted their lives.

Published by Debolsillo first published Christopher Eric Hitchens was an English-born American author, journalist and literary critic. Books by Christopher Hitchens. Hence, they all tended to write in the classical, rennaissance, kind of way with flowering insults and a foreign sarcasm. In summary, a great set of thought-provoking essays.

In The Portable Atheist, Hitchens has assembled a surprisingly diverse collection of first rate writing by non-believers. The book is laid out chronologically and, in general, the essays do get somewhat better the further towards the end of the book you go.

The book would be good if you would like to have fxiste overview of atheist philosophers throughout history. I might add that just as it is logically impossible for all religions to be correct i.

As such, I did not get to enjoy the entirety of the anthology at this point, but luckily the physical copy is still on my bookshelf. Dios no existe es una lectura fascinante para todo el mundo.

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God Is Not Great. I bought it from Amazon for RS Kuhn is thanking God because he has not been chosen.

See 1 question about Dios no existe…. Another cosmological discussion, but he is more sympathetic to religion. As a whole I found the book a tad boring and at times thought a few inserts where either irrelevant, or a rehash of a previous contributions. Not everyone will enjoy this collection; A literary and scientific journey through the ages of free-thought. One thing I did find interesting is how many of the writings echo the sentiments put forth by the new atheists Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens.

He turned priests into laymen because he turned laymen into priests. The problem, of course, is that the nonbeliever hardly needs to be convinced that there is no God. Highly recommend for the historical value alone not to mention the essays available for the different realms of the nonbeliever or perhaps I should say the Freethinker.

Dios no existe

Christooher I had label myself I’d say I was agnostic. A horrifying look at witchhunts and anti-Semitism. It is mainly about why there is no god, or debunking religion. It is time to withdraw our ‘respect’ from such fantastic claims, all of them aimed at the exertion of power over other humans in the real and material world. His choices range from classical The late Christopher Hitchens was a tremendous wit and man of letters, as well as an effective political and religious polemicist.

Does Kuhn not understand that what has happened today is an abomination, which no propitiatory prayer, no pardon no expiation by the guilty, which nothing at all in the power of man can ever clean again?

These newer writers who christophed perceived as rather revolutionary are really just updating older ideas chrixtopher the current generation of free thinkers. Healthy debate is part of that decision making, which is why I liked reading this book. Wonderful summary of the type of moral things God does in the Bible, tells others to do, or simply permits.


I gave the book 3 stars because, well, not being an atheist, I found the book lacking on several levels. Return to Book Page. Page David C.

The book is titled “Essential Reading for the Nonbeliever”, which I take to mean someone who is already firmly entrenched with their atheistic This is more of a collection of essays that Hitches picked out to give the reader an idea of how some of the great thinkers in history have dealt with the concept of God.

I found it easier to get into some than others skipped past some but some lovely stuff. Nearly all are thoughtful, wise and thoroughly worth investigating, irrespective of hitchend reader’s own position on the spectrum of belief.

Dios no existe by Christopher Hitchens (5 star ratings)

What I found to be of particular interest to me was the discovery of so many people who I had no idea were atheists or other exoste of free-thinkers. Most of the writing, much of it by some of my favorite authors, has been similar to discovering a diamond in the mud. Hitchens’ compendium has it all. Ibn Warraq provides an excellent albeit long essay on why he is not a Muslim.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Weinberg especially is a pleasure to read.