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The relationship between Discepolo and Perón originated the radio program I had a dialogue with “Mordisquito,” an imaginary opponent to the government. Santos Discepolo is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Santos Discepolo and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and. Uploaded by. alexiccus · Monitoreo Ambiental de Planta Cemento. Uploaded by. alexiccus · DISCEPOLO Mordisquito a Mi No Me Lo Vas a Contar. Uploaded by.

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They were fucked up! When he entered a restaurant people whistled at him. And all the talks ended with a: When the doorman saw her, he stopped her: But I wasn’t the one who invented them. There were threatenings, parcels that arrived with his records smashed into pieces or with excrements, alterations of his own lyrics in order to humiliate him.

They never knew what he had. Because by force of making a style of so much outrage, it ended up seeming correct the most infamous thing.

Smothered by loneliness, by bitterness, one of the most outstanding figures that tango ever had, one of the wittiest voices that our country had had was dying due to deep sorrow. The lack of justice presiding in the nation mordksquito them. Of course, you were not reached by that injustice. That sinister mafia that went out only to terrorize people and killed, sometimes mordisqhito beating, sometimes by shooting and sometimes with a truck to have more fun.

The only thing I still have to do is to thank you because of the enormous good that you unintentionally did for the nation. They came because of the dullness that ruled the country. A strange worshiping, the one you have for the assholes, made the country go back a hundred years. We wanted to enjoy but finally we were enjoyed. The asshole has presence, has a long story, the one that nearly always begins with a great-great-grandfather that was a pirate. Suddenly a young attractive woman tried to enter with him.


I thank you because of him and for her, for the fatherland that was waiting for them to start its true way towards the future it deserves.

Argentine actors who deceased in 1951

They were born as a response to bad governments. You like to hear people you don’t understand at all, those who talk clearly seem vulgar to you. The sillier he is, the clumsier and more credulous you are. His political opinions produced an expensive cost for him.

And everything was sold!

One of the factors that caused his depression and an end divorced of the intellectual elite was, precisely, this essential aspect of his poetic proposal related to social conflict. He quit writing, secluded himself in his house and stopped eating. In it Luis Sandrini and Tita Merelloamong other figures of that time, had appeared.

But not now, Mordisquito! I know that you hate to hear it repeated so many times, but it is also sad to think that you don’t want to hear it.

Only when I was a kid. He always unclothed a heartbreaking political and social reality. Free yourself from the assholes.

Through that door the lead figures used to enter, the others did it through a smaller door placed at one side. Site declared of National Interest. And, yes, Mordisquito, they were fucked up!


A criollo Chaplin criollo and ours.

Time before there was nothing at all, no money, no compensation for dismissal, no protection for the old So the relationship between the poet and the future first lady began. And that was what he cared for. In a miraculous rich country, on and under the earth, there were people mrodisquito.

Enrique Santos Discépolo – Biography, history –

The poet, who did not know the girl, turned back and told the doorman: Recently, in a speech I heard that you said about a government of This venture mutilated an endless list of tango titles and lyrics. Mordisquuito matter what political color ruled us, we always were in difficulties. I was also cheated like you and, why not confess it? Criticism began to harass him and it trespassed the limits of what was acceptable. You probably had, like a man that I knew, a salary as babysitter to cover his expenses, that he collected every month and he was paid officially, and a wage for going out with the Klan.

She wanted to meet him. Movies and theater plays of that time provided a more picturesque vision of these dearths.

And everything was surrendered! They became close friends. Because you have the mystic of the assholes and follow their cult like a religion. Teachers were mocked at instead of making us cry because they were not paid during a whole year.