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Hello, I am exporting all data from a table to excel and pdf. It works ok with the columns, but I can´t export the footer and caption tag. I have tryed. How to implement your own Display tag exporter (into Excel in is nicely separated into methods like writeCaption(), writeTableHeader() and so on. . ExcelView exporter or the separate Exporting data. When you set the Table Tag’s export attribute to “true”, a footer will appear below the table which will allow you to export the.

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String name reference to the object used as source for the table.

Export footer and caption to excel/pdf

Some googling led me to the display tag issue tracker and this known issue http: It may work without a filter if your application server allows JSPs to call response. If this attribute is provided, then the column’s displayed is limited to this number of words.

Valid values are “ascending” default or “descending” String defaultsort The index of the column that will be used by default for sorting starting from 1 int excludedParams Whitespace separated list containg the name of parameters which should NOT be forwarded during paging or sorting. Although the requirement are not the same but the procedure is same. String id html pass through attribute.

I have pasted my code below.

How the default excel output looks. Can be used as a “shortcut” for disolaytag column decorations. String lang html pass through attribute. String href The base URL used to construct the dynamic link.


Display tag library – Exporting

explrt Can you tell specifically what have you done and what part is not working? Email Required, but never shown. Since you probably want to tweak the layout of your pdf output, this is probably more useful as a base reference for creating your own PDF export view. For any kind of customization which you don’t get normally you will need to create you own ExportView by implementing the ExportView interface.

Inside your class you will get a table model via public void setParameters TableModel tableModel, boolean exportFullList, boolean includeHeader,boolean decorateValues method. My display table has a column where I show text information in a hyperlink. The exporting functionality is very basic and especially the output of the default Excel export implementation looks quite crappy:. I would like a step by step example on how to do it.

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String maxWords If this attribute is provided, then the column’s displayed is limited to this number of words. String htmlId html “id” pass through attribute String id See “uid”.

Column values need to Numbers. The contents of the list can be sorted, and the exporr can be broken into individual pages for display.

Note that for this to work properly you need to assign to each table in your application dizplaytag different id. This can be used when the column body is filled or a decorator is used and column should sort on undecorated values. String total If true, will total the contents of this column.


If this attribute is provided, then the column’s displayed is limited to this number of characters. Make sure you also have. Sign up using Email and Password. String paramId The name of the request parameter that will be dynamically added to the generated href URL. Valid values are true or false String frame html pass through attribute.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The way we want it to look like. Simple displaytwg which mimics the html caption tag. The corresponding value is defined by expoet perty and optional paramName attributes, optionally scoped by the paramScope attribute. Use a TableDecorator to provide custom operations against the whole list, such as computing totals. String sortProperty name of the property in the bean specified in the parent table tag via the “name” attribute which will be used to sort values in the column.

The column won’t be added to the table if the current request media is not supported.

The primary tag in the library is the Table tag. String title title of captoon column text for the th cell String titleKey Resource key used to lookup the title value.