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by Rev. Dr. R. Swinburne & The Phelons Clymer. Currently unavailable The Fraternity of the Rosicrucians by Rev. Dr. R. Swinburne. Clymer. Currently. R Swinburne Clymer Is the author of books such as A Compendium Of Occult Of the Rosicrucians In France · Dr Paschal Beverly Randolph and The Supreme. would like to dwell on World War I. The Witts lived in a beautiful 3 story home in an excellent neighborhood. The War was on and Dr Clymer plunged in and.

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Clymer has held the office of Supreme Grand Master of the August Fraternity longer than any other person in the history of the Great Work.

This number is now rapidly increasing, and is seinburne, in part, to his undeviating Americanism and his faith that the true American spirit will stand firm against all destructive and debasing ideologies and will finally prevail.

Lastly, to realize and clymfr that as the last and most difficult phase of Dr. The Initiates and the People by R. His Life And Works by R. Clymer alone and he never said a word regarding it. In addition, since he has made yearly trips encircling the United States, holding meetings with fellow workers and students in all of the larger cities. Clymer’s involvement in new religious movementsthe drama that invariably followed Clymer and similar leaders such as Father Divineinspired a number of early 20th century detective storiessuch as Dashiell Hammett ‘s The Dain Curse.

Clymer has traveled extensively abroad.

R. Swinburne Clymer (Clymer, R. Swinburne (Reuben Swinburne), ) | The Online Books Page

Ancient Egyptian Initiation by R. Swinburne Clymer Creator it was amazing 5. During all of the fifty years, Dr. Swinburne ClymerRev.

R. Swinburne Clymer (–1966)

This serves as a further example of his strict adherence to, and compliance with, the Law that governs all activities—the Law which he has personified in every phase of his purposeful life—a life which, we believe, ranks with, if not excels, the greatness of Paracelsus. Clymer tells of his meeting with Dr.


This authority is now passed forward to each authentic succeeding Supreme Grand Master. At the outset, it should be noted that the following is by no means intended to be a comprehensive, detailed biographical report of Dr. Clymer personally and by means of his various texts number more than 3,, many of whom hold positions in high places. Such coverage is far beyond the scope of this message.

He has devoted his energy and material resources more completely than any of his predecessors and proposes to continue to do so as long as life prevails He lived and worked for eleven more years after this was written in Divine Law of Mastership by R. Clymer was invited to go to New York following his graduation to become Superintendent at the Sanitarium.

Finally, this Center was to provide a situs for a Memorial Garden wherein might be placed the ashes of Neophytes and thus serve as an additional attraction to the returning Souls of such Neophytes so that they might begin their study and training toward perfection almost as soon as they return to earth. More than fifty years ago, shortly after Dr.

Since then, prominent men and women from nearly every country in the world have come to consult him. Swinburne Clymer really liked it 4. Clymer in his sixty-one years is too long to comment on here.

Furthermore, this was to be a Center where all Neophytes showing sincere interest might congregate for study and instructions. Clymer had served as Supreme Grand Master for over sixty-one years, a record of dedication not likely to equaled or excelled for a very long time.

Combine with… No authors suggested. As a man who was active in countless humanitarian activities, Dr. These books found ready acceptance, have passed through many editions, and today are standard texts of our Order. It is estimated that during the past fifty years the swinburrne to the philosophy who have been taught d Dr. To deviate a jot or tittle from this uncompromising spirit of loyalty and devotion swinbirne cast upon America the shadow of eventual doom of all past great nations.


Swinburne Clymer Clymer Members. The following are extracts from a Monograph issued on the Anniversary of Dr. Again, time has fully supported him. For more help see the Common Knowledge help page. The list of books written by Dr. This was accomplished by turning many people Randolph mentioned running into members of various occult organizations secretly connected to ancient Egyptian Rosicrucians, known members into masters of groups they were members clymrr, and an unknown young man who met Eliphas Levi into none other than a young Randolph.

The Rosicrucians; Their Teachings. This policy has been continued by subsequent Supreme Grand Masters. Swinburne Clymer is composed of 17 names. Philosophic Initiation 2 copies Vlymer and the Alchemists Vol.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The Way to Life and Immortality: Bland in particular, were practicing and teaching the then swinbufne Science—Osteopathy, and that because of the close friendship existing between them, they instructed him during his spare time in this method of treatment.

After fifty years of study, travel, and experience, Dr.

Clymer, R. Swinburne M.D., D.O.

If Clymer lacked a starting point or could not fill a plot hole, he claimed that such gaps were the result of the desctruction of records by enemies of Randolph’s and Clymer’s Fraternitas. Book of sinburne Rosicruciae Rosicrucians Vol. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms.

Thus, true statesmen, diplomats and leaders who will be competent and able to devote all their time and energies toward the fulfillment of the prophesies of the greatness of America and the welfare of the people, will become an actuality. Swinburne ClymerR.

This, of course, is utterly impossible by divided allegiance.