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Drona Parva – Day 13 – The Extraordinary Abhimanyu – Part 2 (continued from: ). Drona Parva – Day 15 – The Narayana Astra – Part 2 (continued from: https://www. ) Ashwatthama. Drona Parva. At the beginning of Drona Parva,we join the action during an uneasy hiatus after ten days of fighting. The warring cousins stand face to face on the.

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The two heroes plunged fearlessly into the mass of fire surrounding Bheem. Sage Vyasa stood up and bade the Pandavas farewell, then disappeared. Two of them parvva Abhimanyu on his arms and which caused him pain and anger. Duryodhan was annoyed to see that his foes had escaped. He shot many sharp shafts at Abhimanyu.

He too had once been bested by Him in a fight. This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Not caring for his own life, Ashwatthama fought in a frenzy. Bheem Overwhelmed by the Narayan-astra Bheem paid no heed to Arjun and rushed at the Kauravas. End of the Fateful Day As Ashwatthama returned, the sun was setting.

No one seemed able to stop Abhimanyu.

The reader will find that a certain synesthesia is the inevitable consequence of close association with it—the text can fruitfully be approached like a piece of music, but one in form much closer to the parvva swell of a raga than to the frozen arc of a symphony.

Alas, beholding the incomparable Abhimanyu fallen to earth, I can derive no pleasure either from victory, the kingdom, or even immortality itself.

Drona Parva

In the face of fate, man could do nothing except execute his duty and leave the results to destiny. Countless red-hot iron balls fell from the sky like lustrous meteors.

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He was Narayana, or Vishnu; indeed, the immortal Narayana was simply a part of Krishna. For some time it was difficult to imagine who was better. Even Siva considered himself Krishna’s servant. I will not be stopped. The two then started battling in earnest. I swear by my life that I will slay all the Panchals, headed by this sinful wretch.

A dense gloom enveloped the battlefield, and fiery meteors dropped down. They danced about on the field waving their weapons. Dispirited and sorrowful, Ashwatthama realized that all-powerful destiny was ultimately in control.

If you even think of contending with the weapon, you will be slain. Surely now the Kauravas have become afraid. Their indefatigable opponent was finally brought down. He is plunged into despair, and the sun sets on a scene of mourning in the Pandava camp. Krishna suddenly jumped down from His chariot and ran toward Bheem, telling Arjun to come with Him. MahamahaRathi Abhimanyu Fictional Character. None of us will be able to strike him down. In silent grief the Pandavas withdrew. In the sky many rishis and Siddhas looked down on the prince, who seemed to them like the moon dropped from the heavens.

Even in death he was as lustrous and splendid as the full moon in autumn. Remembering his duty as a kshatriya, he came quickly to his comrade’s assistance. O son of Drona, slay these murderers of their preceptor without delay. They would leave it to Yudhishthir to do. The field was all but impassable, choked with the dead and the dying.

Drona Parva – Vyasa Mahabharata

The Pandava army was enveloped in a mass of arrows and darts. Do not attempt to fight this weapon, for that will only increase its power. It was still his duty to fight for Duryodhan and, especially, to honour his slain father; his enemies had to be punished. Find some other way to kill him. Karna grew impatient upon droa Abhimanyu praised.


The Mahabharata, Book 7: Drona Parva Index

Your power is equal to that of Mahadev himself. Hearing Sage Vyas’s descriptions, Ashwatthama thought better of Krishna. It seemed that blazing missiles were springing into existence on every part of the battlefield. Duryodhan himself had been stung by his shafts, and even Drona seemed unable to check him.

Here I am, ready to destroy your pride. In all those places where the great rathis of the Pandavas contended in battle, that weapon became exceedingly powerful. Vishal Gandhi Fan Club Actor. Ashwatthama countered their arrows with astounding speed and skill.

After a few moments, Durjaya rose and lifted his parvaa again. He has already slain your father and now stands ready to kill you as well.

Sage Vyas explained that Krishna was the Supreme Lord. The more parrva was resisted, the more force the Narayan-astra seemed to have. He is competent to offer advice to the whole world.

No one could even look at him, so brilliant was his glowing effulgence beneath the attack of the Narayan-astra.