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Review of the DY Digital Transistor Tester – Download as Word Doc .doc As for the resistor value you have to find it on your own because the manual. Hi Martin, i was really pleased when I saw you get out the Duoyi as I have one of those myself:) The manual though is certainly hard work to.

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Mircea April 24, at 7: Manuak like that it can be used as an insulation tester and for testing varistors. HI Daniel, You can buy from this link: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In the long run, you could save the cost of buying batteries. Jestine Likes 0 Dislikes 0.

HI Charles, Thanks for the comment.

Used to be free shipping. Posted December 29, 4. December 28, If you use v to test on mankal v cap I’m afraid it will explode because the v means it is the highest rated voltage. How this equipment can used already mentioned in this blog.

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Hi Jestine When testing V cap with this tester can i put it on V cause i saw your tester were on V just want to make sure and i have a 6V mA external power supply measuring over 7V with digital tester will this power supply be ok? I have not tested these components yet.

Looking really useful, I think I will definately order one of these. HI Steven, Good question. Stay tune for more testing result in Part 2. That means if you want to test a 16 volt cap, make sure the charging voltage would not exceed 16 volt. Charles H Rowe September 28, at 8: Purchased one of msnual dy tester the manual is in Chinese so that does not do you a lot of good.


December 29, 4.

Tried some of the downloads for the English manual but they are not complete manuals. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As a bonus you can also test MOV’s with it, so you can now check your surge suppressors that they still work.

December 29, 2. The LCD display will show the capacitor is charging and it will charge up to vdc-make sure that you are testing a cap that have manyal voltage higher than volt.

Review of the DY Digital Transistor Tester-Part 1 | Electronics Repair And Technology News

du294 Jestine Yong May 7, at For a good cap, it will show approximately v and if the non polar cap insulation have problem, it will show a very low voltage from 60 to about volt. There is only one range for you to select to test the non polar cap- v. Wimpie September 23, at 2: The withstand voltages for caps feature is a good one.

Mannual advantage of this meter over insulation tester is that it can be used to test on e-caps that have lower working voltage like 16 volt, 25 volt, 50 volts and etc.

Hi Mircia, Good to hear about the tester. Sam C June 3, at 4: Thanks Charles Likes 0 Dislikes 0.


DY294 Digital Transistor Tester / Semiconductor Tester

That is a lollipop also. Hi John, Yes i recommend it too. Posted December 28, Hi Willie, Here is the part 2 and 3: Set to v to test on non polar cap that have working voltage of 1kv and above. Jestine Yong September 24, at 9: Another thing is that if the batteries voltage is lower than 5. I think I’ll probably not watch the tear-down in case it puts me off using mine again ;- Logged Hey!

Hi Beh, It does test the Varistor. The case is interesting, feels like tupperware the thick kind and is quite flexible. Hi my dear jestine. Must get a scrap board with a molex plug on it and cut it out and remove unneeded pins to make the plug in portion, then 3 leads with croc clips I have some here from Frankie as well to use on short leads.

The English manual is a bit blur but still can be read. Try visit ebay and type in this keywords – DY Digital Transistor. It test just the same way for a non polar cap. Whishing you and your family fro December 18, 7. Please where can one get this to buy and how much is it?

Hi Tamakloe, Here is the link: Likes 30 Dislikes 0.