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El antropólogo inocente has ratings and reviews. Elena said: Nigel Barley se fue a Camerún y en un año tuvo hepatitis, malaria y unos parásitos. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , María Pía Poblete S. and others published Nigel Barley: El Antropólogo Inocente }. Nigel Barley moved into a mud hut with the intention of studying the customs and beliefs of the Dowayo people. He had not counted on the evasive nature of.

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The acacia at the foot of the lawn continues to come along nicely. Published January 11th by Editorial Anagrama first published Learning a little about Cameroon was an added bonus.

He has a wittiness that reminds me, oddly enough, of the way that Hugh Grant’s characters often poke fun at themselves in movies. Casting around again, he settled on a little known group of mountain pagans in Northern Cameroon – the Dowayos. Then onocente gets hilarious again when he describes his return home to England: Instead he is able to be self-deprecating and humorous in a way that few anthropologists are.

View all 3 comments. Inenarrable la escena en el dentista o los diferentes encuentros con la burocracia africana. I re-read it every few years and it makes me laugh every time.

El antropólogo inocente by Nigel Barley (2 star ratings)

Interesting and fun to read. The Innocent Anthropologist 2 books. Only his closest friends have noticed he has been away at all I had made an early policy decision to drink the native beer despite the undoubted horrors of the process of fabrication.

It was refilled and passed to me. Other books in the series. Entre ellos y nosotros hay un par de diferencias culturales: Sergio Uceda rated it it was ok Aug 06, The perfect antidote to the pretentious, arid novel I just finished reading which so many people on Goodreads raved about But, let’s face it, bywhen Nigel Barley set off for field work in Cameroon, the pattern of going off to some remote tribe or isolated people and trying to “re- Barley avoids sowing any oats Doing field work is, as the author suggests early on, a kind of rite of passage for would-be anthropologists.


My intro book to anthropology.

We cannot thank Nigel Barley enough for having showed us the backstage of the hocus A rare 5 stars to me. A humorous yet touching account of the trials and tribulations of an anthropologist’s first time in the “bush.

I suppose I’ve changed obviously the book didn’t.

El antropólogo inocente

Esteban rated it it was ok Jul 14, Thanks for telling us about the problem. However, this might be because he lets the cat out of the bag by suggesting in his own tale that fieldwork is not the scientific, detached, coherent endeavour some would have us believe. Tropical bats spend their entire ihocente flying into obstacles with a horrible thudding noise.

Surprisingly funny, interesting and an bwrley read. But, let’s face it, bywhen Nigel Barley set off for field work in Cameroon, the pattern of going off to some remote tribe or isolated people and trying to “re-construct” their whole culture for the edification of readers and Ph.

Truly an enjoyable read and I look forward to Nigel Barley’s other writings Open Preview See a Problem? Tongue firmly in cheek, the author writes of an anthropological foray into the depths of Cameroon. If you would like to read an honest and sometimes amusing account harley doing field work, you could do far worse than get hold of this book.

You find yourself discussing the things that seem important to your friends with the same detached seriousness that you used to discuss witchcraft with your villagers.

The only intellectually respectable response to a tin rattled in one’s face by someone collecting for missionary work is a reasoned refutation of the whole concept of missionary interference It was refilled and passed to me. The author, Nigel Barley, is a British anthropologist who decides that in order to have true anthropology street cred, he needs to do some fieldwork.


Return to Book Page. When he returns, on a few months have elapsed. The Innocent Anthropologist 1. Much contemporary anthropology is dreadfully written and seems to be more aimed at appealing academics rather than students or the public.

Want to Read saving…. They did this by offering it to a dog to lick out. Although I expect he could have included more detailed information by maintaining an academic tone and avoiding tales of his own exploits and mishaps, this is much more accessible for its chatty—and rather Britishly fatalistic—tone.

B de Bea rated it it was ok Aug 27, natropologo Some of the best, most honest, most powerful and moving story-telling is inpcente be found in non-fiction, like this book by Nigel Barley, who as a young lecturer in anthropology traveled to Africa to spend 18 months doing fieldwork among the Dowayo in northern Cameroon.

Tamara rated it it was ok Barldy 12, It was refilled and passed to me.

I can only assume his academic work was in quite a different writing style from the amusing anecdotes here, but it was an excellent for this book – which judged on topic and content might have been a very dry antropolgoo. He settles on spending 18 months with the Dowayo of Cameroon in western Africa. I may make my class ahtropologo it. Barley starts his book by ridiculing fieldwork, and academic life in general, while explaining that fieldwork is the natural progression from doctorates based on ‘library research’.