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en españolDeslizamiento de la epífisis capital femoral (SCFE, o epifisiolisis). A good, stable connection at the hip joint is what lets us walk, run, jump, and many . En algunos niños, particularmente en los que son obesos, el hueso del muslo y el de la cadera no están conectados como deberían debido a una afección. Slipped upper femoral epiphysis (SUFE), also known as a slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE), is a relatively common condition affecting the physis of the.

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The screw is placed deep into the bone, and cannot be felt by patients after surgery. On the AP, a line drawn up the lateral edge of the femoral neck line of Klein fails to intersect the epiphysis during the acute phase Trethowan sign. To femorak yourself on this article, log in to see multiple choice questions.

During growth, there is a widening of the physeal plate which is particularly pronounced during a growth spurt. However, it should not be used as a replacement for a pelvic radiograph.

Slipped capital femoral epiphysis

For general information and inquiresplease call One in five cases involve both hips, resulting in pain on both sides of the body. Preoperative radiographs are seen in Figure A, radiographs six months after in situ fixation are seen in Figure B.


Read stories from our kids. Print Send to a Friend. In SCFE, the femoral head of the thighbone slips through the physis, almost the way a scoop of ice cream might slip off a cone. If your child is overweight and you need help fekoral a safe diet and exercise plan, talk to your child’s doctor. Though the name’s quite a mouthful, it eppifisiolisis refers to a shift at the upper part epiifisiolisis the thighbone, or femur, that results in a weakened hip joint.

He is treated with surgical intervention and post-operative radiographs are shown in Figures B and C. But in some kids — particularly those who are obese — the thighbone and the hipbone are a little less well connected than they should be because of a condition called slipped capital femoral epiphysis SCFE. So if you need help capiital out how to start on a safe diet and exercise plan, talk to your doctor. A dressing covers the wound.

To make an appointmentplease call PEDS from 7 a. Not everyone can prevent SCFE.

What is the preferred method of treatment? The job of the physis is to connect the femoral head to the thighbone while allowing the bone to lengthen and grow. So if you need help figuring out how to start on a safe diet and exercise plan, talk to your doctor. Femooral almost exclusive incidence of SCFE during the adolescent growth spurt indicates a hormonal role. Fpifisiolisis 13 Case How important is this topic for board examinations?


Slipped upper femoral epiphysis | Radiology Reference Article |

As such prophylactic pinning is recommended by some 3. SCFE is more common in guys, though girls can have it too. Check for epifisiolissis and try again. Almost all cases require surgery, which usually involves the placement of one or two pins into the femoral head to prevent further slippage.

The risk of reducing this fracture includes the disruption of the blood supply to the bone. Doctors decide how much weight can be placed on the affected leg after surgery based on the severity of the slip.

An unstable SCFE is very serious because it can restrict blood flow to the hip joint. Multiplane reconstruction allows assessment of the relationship of the femoral head to the metaphysis eifisiolisis three planes. Which of the following zones of the growth plate Figures B-F, all the same magnification is most commonly involved in this condition? Learn more ways you can give.