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Esau [Philip Kerr] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The accidental discovery of a mysterious fossil skull unleashes a political and scientific. An electrifying discovery in the high Himalayas sends a group of scientists— complete with the requisite bad apple— scurrying for traces of the. Esau by Philip Kerr – book cover, description, publication history.

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An American adventurer stumbles across a yeti skull, and subsequently leads an expedition to uncover the truth about the yeti. I must confess that I skipped through some of the awkward chunks of exposition.

Philip Kerr

Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention phipip highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. The yeti hunt side of the novel – which provides the title, the Yeti being equated with Esau in the Biblical story – is quite well done, and is reminiscent of stories like The Lost World or the film Jurassic Park.

Perhaps people’s attitudes really would change after such experiences. I bought quite a few books because they were all so cheap and then I proceeded to get home, stick them on my shelf, and I never read any of them. Jun 20, Eric rated it liked it Shelves: There were some pretty cool and interesting parts, and I did laugh a couple of times!

That really says something, since I rarely read Fiction. Very interesting and thought provoking hypothesis. There is plenty of tension and some gripping action.


Lots of adventure, suspense, and excitement. Whether you believe in something like the yeti or a sasquatch, this was a good, fun read and left you wondering One of the quotes on the back compares Kerr to Michael Crichton, writer of the story which became that film, but Kerr is a much more satisfying writer – there is more to him than a series of moderately interesting ideas.

In an ice cave high in the Himalayas, a perfectly preserved skull is found. Account Options Sign in.

Esau : Philip Kerr :

An electrifying discovery in the high Himalayas sends a group of scientists—complete with the requisite bad apple— scurrying for traces of the missing link between ape and man.

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However, the India-Pakistan conflict is about to explode into war, and a CIA puilip is desperate for any information inserts a mole on the team, but we don’t know who it ekrr though it’s easy to guess. When he returns to the States, he gives it to a friend and occasional lover who also happens phi,ip be a researcher into human evolution. Originally published on my blog here in March If Esau had continued to live up to the promise of its first half, it would have been an excellent thriller, but the implausible politics make it unsatisfying.

Jun 23, Michele Witte rated it it was amazing. Members of the expedition are introduced one after another, with too many biographical details to memorise. Eine Expedition ist schnell zusammengestellt, doch auch andere Parteien verfolgen ein bestimmtes Interesse im Schatten des Annapurnas It was a good read – no about it.


Philip Kerr – Wikipedia

It interwove science with adventure and was a great piece of fiction. Three hundred miles away in the Punjab, Pakistan and India rattle their nuclear arsenals, edging ever closer to catastrophe. I’m good with merr but somehow the intrusion of a yeti into a technothriller was just too goofy for me.

There was a problem adding your email address. It was humorous at times, and had me laughing aloud. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Easy adventure read in between seau reads. So as Jack and Swift, together with their crew of scientists and Sherpas, head upcountry to the treacherous Machhapuchhare and the yeti’s footprints, CASTORP prepares to execute his mission, and anyone who gets in its way. Not dissapointing just not as satisfying as it could have been.


Hardcoverpages. This was about finding Yeti! Until I get around to writing my Paranormal Romance side project where a Sasquatch and a Mummy battle it out for the affections of a coquettish Chupacabra Do you know how huge the Paranormal Romance market still is?