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Medida en una escala analógica visual (EAV) de 0 a , la intensidad de los .. de la menopausia, la terapia hormonal (TH) todavía es una elección razonable. . Climacteric symptoms were assessed by the Greene Climacteric Scale. Rodríguez-Gázquez M, Arredondo-Holguín E. Validez y confiabilidad de una escala de valoración de Ambrosy AP, Fonarow GC, Butler J, Chioncel O, Greene SJ, Vaduganathan M, et al. . Revista Colombiana de Menopausia. Como complementario a la evaluación se aplicó la Escala de Inteligencia de Frederik J.; Horvath, Anelia; Woortman, Sanne; Greene, Elizabeth; Bimpaki, de la menopausia, aumentar la fertilidad, como afrodisiaco, para tratar la disfun.

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Research on heart failure in Colombia Heart failure is one of the most prevalent diseases worldwide. In Colombia, the state of research on the subject is unknown.

To describe the original publications on heart failure in Colombia. Manual search of 58 journals identified in Publindex. Original research that evaluated adult Colombians with heart failure and published between and were included.

The amount of published original research on heart failure is low, and most of them were carried out recently. Descriptive design was the most frequent, while the most frequently addressed topics were self-care and population descriptions. Los temas abordados con mayor frecuencia fueron el autocuidado y las descripciones poblacionales. Recently, Colombia has presented demographic and epidemiological changes in the population that treene determined certain variations in the health profile of its inhabitants.

Ischemic heart disease, together greehe hypertensive heart disease, affects cardiac and vascular function, triggering the condition known as heart failure, a chronic disease that progressively deteriorates the health state of the person. With this in mind, scientific knowledge on heart failure is fundamental to offer a comprehensive clinical approach and yreene generate innovation processes around the topic.

For this reason, the objective of this work is to conduct a systematic review of the literature to identify the publications of studies conducted in our country that address the issue of heart failure, expose their methodological characteristics and escaa most relevant results, and analyze the data provided by the studies.

A systematic review of the medical literature published in Colombia on heart failure between and was carried out. The following search mechanism was used to identify the articles:.

Search in domestic scientific journals: Medical and Health Sciences. With this information, a complete list of the journals used to search for the articles was obtained. In addition, the health journals of the universities that had medical faculties in were searched in their web pages.

Journals where publication of original articles of heart failure was considered unlikely were excluded. Journals were searched individually, in their respective website, identifying the issues published between January and December The table of contents of said issues was analyzed, and articles related to heart failure were verified.


Inclusion and exclusion criteria were applied to the articles initially identified. In case that the online version of the issues was not found in its entirety, a manual search was carried out in different libraries and national newspaper archives. Digital search in databases: A digital search was carried out in the Embase, PubMed and Lilacs databases and in the Cochrane Library, using the search structure described in Annex 1. Manual search of bibliographic references: A manual search was made of the references of all the articles identified in the three previous searches, applying inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Review of CvLac resumes of the main authors: A search of the resumes of the main authors of the identified articles was made on CvLac to verify the existence of additional articles. Inclusion and exclusion criteria of articles: Case reports, subject reviews, management guidelines and articles published only in summary version were excluded from the analysis.

A data collection tool was designed to carry out the bibliographic documentation, which included the affiliation data of the journal, the type of article described along with the year, issue, number and title of the document. Information on the methodological characteristics of the study, the results and the conclusions of the selected articles was also obtained. A search of journals was carried out on February 23, in the National Bibliographic Index-Publindex I update of the official web page of Colciencias.

Of the total journals identified, 58 were selected to conduct the review. The journal identification process is described in Annex 1. Table 1 shows general information of these journals.


Of 58 journals, 26 were published in full text in an online version. For the remaining 32, it was necessary to complement the search in university and national libraries. It was also necessary to contact editors and administrative staff of some journals to obtain missing issues. All the issues of 56 journals were reviewed in their entirety. After reviewing all the articles in these issues, 87 studies were found that dealth with heart failure as a central topic, of which 31 met inclusion criteria Figure 1.

Description of selected journals. Flowchart of literature search and study selection. Own elaboration based on the data obtained in the study.

This search allowed to identify 2 records, of which dscala met the inclusion criteria.


Of these, 12 had already been identified in the manual search Figure 1. Annex 2 describes the digital search strategy. No additional articles were found after searching references and CvLac resumes.


Of 35 studies published 5,the largest number Number of articles per journal. Number of menopaausia per city. Number of articles per year of publication. Regarding methodological aspects, 19 On the other hand, 9 studies Observational studies that described populations or established causal relationships with various endpoints in outpatient and inpatient settings.

To determine the frequency of malnutrition and to establish its correlation with morbidity and mortality.

estudio prospectivo transversal: Topics by

Bicipital, triceps, thigh, arm circumference, and Hb fold were greater in survivors than in those who died. To determine clinical and epidemiological characteristics of the patients and their evolution at one year. Factors associated with mortality: To describe the population and define factors that may be related to mortality.

Common factors among deceased: Acute HF admitted to the emergency room. To describe the epidemiological characteristics of patients. Hypertensive heart disease To determine the incidence of cardiorenal syndrome and to evaluate the clinical characteristics.

Prevalence of cardio-renal anemia: To evaluate compliance with hospital discharge management guidelines. Compliance with the guidelines was adequate in To determine the risk menooausia related to hospital mortality at 30 days. To evaluate differences in clinical, epidemiological and treatment characteristics according to sex.

222 Spanish Health Terminology

Mean age in women 69 vs. In women, BB To describe the clinical characteristics and day survival in a tertiary care university hospital.

Readmission within the last year: The use of standardized protocols and aggressive management since admission was related to good clinical outcomes. HF and cardiac resynchronization device. To determine if BNP is a marker of therapeutic response and secala.

Average pre-implant BNP HF in the first level gredne care. To know and analyze the behavior and management in the first level of care. HF, with records of weight, age and creatinine.

To estimate the prevalence of kidney failure. The emotional state was abnormal in Women has a higher incidence Advanced HF with functional electrophysiological device. To describe patients with advanced HF and the use of electrophysiological devices. To evaluate the relationship between BMI and cardiorespiratory parameters. HF who attended a heart failure clinic. To establish the presence of musculoskeletal pathology in the studied population. Musculoskeletal pathology in There was no association between CF and musculoskeletal pathology.

High blood preasure; Hb: Ejection fraction of the left ventricle; AH: Diabetes mellitus tipo 2; FC: Coronary artery disease; ACEI: Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors; ARB: Angiotensin II receptor blockers; BB: