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The Eskom Bursary covers various fields of study, including Accounting, Engineering, IT, Safety Full Eskom Bursary: Eskom Bursary Application Form . pdf). If you wish to apply for Eskom bursaries you can visit their website and complete your online Complete application forms must be returned to. FULL TIME BURSARY APPLICATION FORM. Please complete this form using BLOCK LETTERS. CLOSing daTE: 31 JuLy fOR SuPPORT ThE fOLLOwing yEaR .

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There are various career opportunities that provided for the South African students. After completing the study, African students can choose to do several things, starting from working on several vacancies, choosing to continue the education through the internship, or getting a training program applicatikn as a learnerships.

It becomes one of the favorite programs in South Africa due to the opportunity of bridging the student with the real working environment. Therefore, it is important to share the popular and available learnership programs for South Africans in year If curious on further information, see below on details.

This learnerships is provided by Old Mutual, a company that concern in investment, saving, assurance, asset management, banking as well as property. The learnerships program of this company will enable to obtain a wealth management NFQ Level 4 qualification. Through a applicatikn workplace and classroom experience, it will provide an opportunity to work alongside experienced professional to reach a career path as underwriting, financial investments advisor or insurance brokerage.

Unfortunately, the application is now closed. However, if want to know further, visit this page for a briefer overview. The learnerships program of this company also well known as Anglo Platinum Learnerships. For the yearthe learnership program has been closed.

Eskom Bursary South Africa – SA Bursaries

However, there still an opportunity to try on next year. For more information on the next learnership program, visit this page more frequent. ArcelorMittal is a metal company that based in South Africa. The learnership program of this company targets Youth South Africans who have completed a Grade For more information regarding the learnerships program, please visit this webpage.

Barloworld is a distributor of famous vehicle brands that established in The learnership program allows the South African citizen who passes the Grade 12 to join various position for a minimum aplication 12 months contract. For more information, visit this page. BHP Billiton Learnerships are designed to bring opportunities in several career options in mining.

To check available BHP Billiton career opportunities, click bursaroes. BMW is one of the most automotive popular brands in the world. Learnership duration takes up to 3 years and located in Pretoria.

Eskom Bursary

For more information click here. Bytes Technology combines the learning process and practise in the workplace for its learnership program. The opportunity is available in many fields such as contact center and computing. Duration of this learnership is about 12 months. Further information can see this page. Foems Learnership is designed for South African who want to get working experiences foems Banking.


Aapplication is one of the most popular banking learnerships in South Africa. For further information about this learnerships visit this page. Therefore, it provides learnership program in the construction industry.

It targets South African students with Grade 12 certification. The application is performed online by visiting this page. The opportunity usually provided from September to January. Therefore, it is suggested to regularly check the webpage. Chieta is a public corporation that enhances people skills in the field of chemical and energy sector.

The learnerships duration is about 12 months. For further information, it is available on this page. As one of the largest company in the world, Coca Cola brings a learnership program for South African students. This learnership is part of the steps to keep company vision to gives benefit to the people of South Africa. Therefore, they open position for a 12 months contract as packaging and warehouse positions in several places. The complete information can be access through this webpage.

Correctional Services Learnership is the leading and most favorite learnership program for South Africans. For those who interesting to joint this learnership can access this webpage frequently to get details information. De Beers is a famous diamond company in the world. The company operates worldwide, fodms in Canada, and South Africa. De Beers Learnership offers an opportunity for South African students as part of the company commitment in response to help the South African getting learning and workplace experiences.

For more detail information, it is recommended to frequently eslom this page. Dennel Learnership offers some good opportunities in various positions for talented students. The program is known as Apprentice Training Program and usually runs in 95 weeks up to weeks. It offers various applicatioon training for selected candidates. This learnerships offered to South Africa citizen with age More detail information is provided on their official webpage.

Department of Education Learnership. These apllication provide learnerships program each year with detail information can be accessed through the University Campus Career Centre. Department of Health Learnership. This department offers Nursing Learnerships and some program of learnerships in medical. The positions available in several countries such as KZN and Limpopo.

The applicant shall be an African Student with a valid Grade 12 certificate. For torms information of this learnership can be accessed through budsaries webpage.

Department of Labor Learnerships. Department of Labor offers appllication program for the South African citizen. There are several positions that offered by this department, including in public services, management, law or even nursing. For more information on the learnerships, visit the webpage. Department of Public Works Learnership.


The learnerships program from this department offers some scarce positions for young talented South African students. The program requires valid matrix certificate and applicable for those with age 18 to The learnerships duration is various from 12 months up to 2 years.

For specific and detail information of this program, access this site frequently and get latest updates through it. Department of Social Development Learnership. Social Development Learnership is suitable for people with high social responsibility. Most of the offered opportunities including to be a social worker, child care or counselor. The applicant shall be willing to travel and located in rural areas.

To get more specific information of the requirements, it can access through this site. Department of Agriculture Learnerships. Bursries program designed to empower South African Youth especially disadvantaged youth in rural areas.

Junior Land Care Program concerns in youth unemployment issues, skills development, school nutrition and other environmental education. To apply for the learnerships program, it is still using printed application that shall be sent to the Government office.

Therefore, this program usually listed in the University Career Centre. DHL South Africa offers career opportunities at different levels. Further information can access through this site. Discovery Learnerships give South Africans the opportunity to choose their field.

The learnerships have some fields such as nursery, administrator, contact center, wealth management, and insurance. For more information, it can access through this link.

Edcon Learnership offers an interesting opportunity for smart and dynamic candidates. Specific information can access through the webpage including the application form and the specific requirements. Engen operates petroleum business and related products in South Africa. The company offers learnerships program in certain time. For more specific instructions visit their official webpage to get a notice when they open any learnerships program immediately.

Therefore, having a career in Eskom becomes a prestigious achievement for South Africans citizen. Both Eskom Vacancies and Eskom Learnerships always get enthusiasm from many students.

See this official webpage for further information.

Eskom Bursaries South Africa 2018 – 2019

Appliction is one of the largest South Africa Coal Companies which invested about 6. This training targets about youth South Africans. This training consists of Exxaro learnerships, internships, bursaries and various skills programs.

If looking for more specific information, it can access through this following webpage. Fasset collects learnerships from any finance and accounting organizations.