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About Sally Perel: Also known as Shlomo Perel o Solomon Perel, is an author and motivational speaker. He was born in Peine, Lower Saxony, to a German Jew. ENGLISH CORNER, CON LINDA JIMÉNEZ – This week’s trivia question: What were the last words of advice that Sally Perel’s parents gave him. Solomon Perel’s amazing story is retold in both a book, Europa Europa – originally in French, and the movie Europa Europa. Perel is born on.

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But, “I knew that I had to find some solution for my identity problem until these dark times were over…the faith and certainty that I would not be in this place forever sustained me. Bryan Rigg, a researcher, looked into Jews in the Nazi Army and found that there were maybe hundreds of Jews or more, whether fully Jewish or only partially, that were actually in the army.

Solomon Perel

The Gestapo official says he will send for it and then rants about how the war will be won by Hitler’s Wunderwaffen wonder weapons. Moreover, the movie is amazing euopa seems in-sync with the book to a great extent. Additional Links Postel, Danny. It took enormous strength and ingenuity to survive in a world where Jews were hunted mercilessly and yet he managed to outwit the Nazis.

Solomon was placed in a Soviet communist orphanage in Grodno. Thanks to his fluent German and Russian, he becomes their cultural guide and interpreter. Struggle to Hide Identity.

Europa, Europa

Er lebte in einem Internet der Hitlerjugend. And from my point of view, an important reason why his story could happen is not just the sponginess of the race concept which he probably shares but the fact that such a high-ranking officer wanted to adopt him and his “front-line experience” made him special which probably led to some of his idiosyncrasies being overlooked and rumors about him losing their effect, otherwise the best-played role would not have been able to get him far.


Das neue Cover dieser Auflage ist sehr gut gestaltet. Read this after the author came to speak at my high school and his brief comments then already moved me so much.

Perhaps that was due to the painful events that he was describing, pereel I didn’t feel his terror and emotions in the book. I can’t even imagine. Were There Jews in the Nazi Army? Soon after, while working in a factory for the war effort, Jupp and his classmates learn that the German 6th Army has been defeated at the Battle of Stalingrad.

Europa, Europa by Solomon Perel

Denn es ist wirklich eine Geschichte die schwer zu glauben ist, vor allem da es definitiv Geschichten gibt die frei erfunden aber als wahr verkauft wurden. He is then forced to masquerade as a Hitler Youth among the Nazi Elite’s children. The Struggle to Hide His Sallu back to top.

Then for three years he flourished in a special Hitler Youth training school, just miles from him hometown. This is one of the rare times that I can say that I liked the movie more than the book.

Sally si finge un Volksdeutscher, un orfano di guerra, un tedesco di pura razza ariana che ha perso casa, genitori e documenti in un bombardamento.

Es gibt Fotos, Dokumente und ehropa Ortschaften existieren. Perel says the Russians killed his parents and forced him into the orphanage. His captors refuse to believe that he is a Jew. They are about to have Solek shot by an elderly Communist political prisoner wearing a red triangle on his camp uniform when Solek’s brother Isaak, just released from a concentration camp, recognises Solek and saves him.

Perel moved to Munich to be with him. No trivia or quizzes yet.

May 08, Carmen rated it really liked it Shelves: After several months without seeing Leni, Solek visits Leni’s mother, who does not sympathize with the Nazis. To pretend to be the enemy and become one of their respected members is hard on one’s spririt. After all, he wrote his memoir more than 40 years after the war.


Dec 30, Shannon rated it it was amazing. Thanks to her, Solly can go to the cinema without paying for tickets. After traveling back to his birthplace, and making dozens of inquiries, he finally located his brother Isaak, who was married and living in Munich. Since he speaks perfect German he tells them he is an ethnic German. Gespickt ist das Ganze mit einigen Bildern und einem Interview auf den letzten Seiten.

He not only fulfilled his mother’s ejropa instruction to him to “Live!

Da quel momento la sua vita prende un corso inaspettato e impensabile, totalmente diverso da quello che avrebbe preso in altre circostanze, totalmente doverso da quello preso per gli ebrei del tempo: Perel successfully pretends to be a German for four years. If you would like to hear more English Corner programs, please click on this link. Two years later, inHitler invaded Russia and Solomon had to flee from the orphanage with the other Jewish residents.

He escaped persecution by the Nazis by masquerading as an ethnic German. Perel keeps his Jewish side hidden almost completely, but he never forgets about it. In the book Perel even mentions that he is amazed that they never even checked his papers or tried to figure things out but believed him.

As a circumcised JewPerel was constantly in danger of being discovered by his military unit, and attempted on several occasions to flee back to the Soviets, each time unsuccessfully.