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All of these are facets of the ubiquitous computing author Adam Greenfield calls ” everyware.” In a series of brief, thoughtful meditations. We’re proud to offer a taste of Adam Greenfield’s new book, Everyware. A List Apart is pleased to present the introduction of Everyware: The. As I seem to have acquired, in some quarters anyway, a reputation as an uncompromising and intractable Luddite where matters of networked.

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By superimposing information directly on its object, AR arrogates to itself a peculiar kind of claim to authority, a claim of a everware aggressive sort than that implicit in other modes of representation, and therefore ought to be held to a higher standard of completeness and accuracy[5].

In he returned to New York City and founded an urban-systems design practice called Urbanscale, which describes their work as “design for networked cities and citizens. Most of that is probably the coffee itself, doing what it is that coffee does, but better by far a networked product that is modest and humble in its aims, and succeeds in meeting them, than one which promises everything and does none of it particularly well.

Although Eevryware Greenfield’s theses are almost 9 years old, they look at least 5 years into the future! Adam Greenfield on Twitter My Tweets. A long time ago, I found myself sitting on my bed, breathing in a cloud of card fumes, using a stiletto to pick at the corner of a London electronic travel Andy Piper rated it it was amazing Jul 16, Please help improve this article by greenfleld citations to reliable sources.

Why not take advantage of this capability? It is invisible, everywhere computing that does not live on a personal device of any sort, but is in the woodwork everywhere.

Everyware | Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird

Nor is the body by any means the only domain that the would-be posthuman subject may wish to transcend via augmentation. We act in historical space and time, as do the technological systems we devise and enlist as our surrogates and extensions.


To replace this shared space with the million splintered and mutually inconsistent realities of individual augmentation is to give up on the whole pretense that we in any way occupy the same world, and therefore strikes greebfield as being deeply inimical to the urban project as I understand it.

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And inevitably, I have concerns about the nonexistence dveryware any meaningful security measures, a nonexistence that in fairness is endemic to all consumer IoT devices, but remains inexcusable for any of them. I have to say, right up front, that what I came up with is heavily, heavily dependent on circumstances which might never come to be.

Sure, memory is cheap, and will be cheaper.

One seemingly potent way of returning networked information to the world would be if we could layer it directly over that which we perceive. Ubiquitous computing–almost imperceptible, but everywhere around us–is rapidly becoming a reality. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Some part of me feels like I should be sketching some kind of overarching, affirmative vision.

Adam Greenfield – Wikipedia

This is the use case. You may find yourself greennfield by the degree to which a sip of hot coffee lands when you sip it forty or forty-five minutes after brewing — at least, I surely was, and am — and how psychoemotionally sustaining it can be when it does.

Evveryware trivia or quizzes yet. Want to Read saving…. What are people saying about the book? Even something as seemingly straightforward and honorable as an anticorruption initiative can undo a fabric of relations that offered the otherwise voiceless at least some access to local power. This use case hinges on the argument that by superimposing images or other vestiges of the past of a place directly over its present, AR effectively endows its users with the ability to see through time.

The device must acquire an image of your face with the camera, establish the parameters of that face from the image, and upload those parameters to the cloud via the fastest available connection, so they may be compared everywate a database of facial measurements belonging to known individuals; if a match is found, the corresponding profile must be located, and the appropriate information from that profile piped back down the connection so it may be displayed as an overlay on the screen image.


I pay attention to him. This article was essentially the genesis of Everyware. The ‘thesis’ presentation got on my grewnfield. Other Things You Might Like. What are the issues we need to be aware of? And we pay the aeam for this daily, in increments of waste, frustration, exhaustion and missed opportunity. In its promise to democratize the creation of interactive functionality, App Inventor speaks to an evefyware that has largely lain dormant beneath what are now three or four generations of interactive systems — one, I would argue, that is inscribed in the rhetoric of object-oriented programming itself.

Adam Greenfield

What the discourse around AR shares with other contemporary trans- and posthuman narratives is a frustration with the limits of the flesh, and a frank interest in transcending them through technical means. One of my favourites.

Aug 25, Ty rated it really liked it Shelves: And fortunately for all of us, when asked to submit to regimes of aadam banality, some designers have historically had other ideas. Is that really the new Metallica single, or is it five minutes of Lars Ulrich telling you to go fuck yourself? The first is the nature of functionality on the smartphone. An accurate provision of metadata, of course, requires transcribing the contemporaneous description word for word.

Whatever one thinks of this particular coinage and its descriptive utility, there clearly was greeenfield need greejfield a word here.