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Bmw F30 d Retrofit: PPK performance power kit, new engine ecu fitted and programmed.

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Terms and Conditions Posting Rules. Latest News British Columbia: PH g30 Reader’s Car of the Year. Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio. PH – Shed of the Year. PH – Most memorable drives.

Latest Features British Columbia: Browse cars for sale. Search My Stuff What’s New 3 12 24 Fitting time was one hour, plus an extra seven hours d30 coding.

Since fitting last Friday, my fuel consumption in normal driving has increased dramatically. My 50 mile each way commute used to give about 45mpg, with PPK that’s 35mpg. The official BMW literature claims no mpg difference in normal driving. The car runs far less smoothly, the gearbox is up and down the ratios like a yoyo even on the motorway and the shifting is now very jerky. And the power increase? We’re talking the difference between having a ppi or empty tank, or one passenger compared to none.

In summary, a complete waste of time and money, which has now basically ruined the car for me.

Very unhappy indeed and trying to get a refund and car put back to standard. Should have gone for the tuning box option which is easily removed and most of whom do a refund if you’re not satisfied. Edited by cycle t30 on Wednesday 7th October Never heard of it but thanks for posting.

BMW i M Performance Power Kit (PPK) Dynos at bhp / lb-ft

Strong smell of BS to charge more. How much was it? The kit includes a new intercooler and ecu and your ppm remains intact. Just to clarify, the advertised fitting time is one hour but that doesn’t include coding. This can take apparently between one hour and up to twelve hours.

This doesn’t add to the fitting cost but if you’re there waiting it sure is a waste of a day. Anyway, the kit adds almost no power and is a complete load pp bs. Sounds like it may be fitted incorrectly, maybe there’s a boost leak somewhere from where they’ve swapped intercoolers? That could make the car behave inconsistently.

  ISO 16609 PDF

Blimey, I’d be getting that back to dealers pdq. I’m sure you are already on it! I’m also very confused about the hours thing.

BMW M Performance Power Kit for F30 335i Review

What would be bespoke on either that would need coding? I would guess the software comes direct from bmw servers in Germany and you are at the mercy of how much demand is placed on them at the time. AFAIK you can only get official software updates from franchised dealers with a hard link to volvo servers. The above may be complete b ks btw. Interesting to see how it gets resolved anyway.

There has to be something wrong ,Knitware had his done and loves it,,rolling road figures bhp on someone elses car as well. For example in the comfort setting there is a change, it’s as it was before the PPK when driving normally but when I go for an overtake the urgency of the gearbox and engine is instant, it’s almost like it’s switched to a sport setting if that makes sense.

There’s no need to move the gear stick to the left, overtakes can be made in comfort with no lag, it’s a really good improvement. With the gear lever left and the button in sport presented is a huge beautiful linear flow of torque and speed with each gear change nailed in at the top of the revs, it’s super quick but there aren’t many places and opportunities to drive like this too often, saved for a treat. Edited by smashy on Thursday 8th October Billyray posts months.

BMW M Performance Power Kit for F30 i Review – autoevolution

Using this thread as a guide,it seems that there may well be something wrong with your install Car is booked in next week v30 see if there is a fault. To be fair I don’t think its a dealer fitting issue, I think its more likely to be a combination of my unrealistic expectations, misleading BMW literature and the fact that my car was probably making a fair bit more than bhp originally.


In any case, can anyone honestly say they pkp notice 0. Damn sure I cant. Just out of interest, what models can you fit these kits too? I’ve got a d the 2l one, or are there only kits for limited models? Mattt 16, posts months. Mind you cycle you said this The car runs far less smoothly, the gearbox is up f3 down the ratios like a yoyo even on the motorway and the shifting is now very jerky Surely thats not you just thinking its happening??

Please keep us informed and good luck Edited by smashy on Saturday 10th October T5SOR 1, posts months. Any updates in this? Where do BMW list this as I can’t see it mentioned in their website. Maybe it is just a case of calling the dealers? Should have posted this a month back. Raised a complaint with the dealer, they had the car back for a day g30 returned it all to standard thankfully they still had my old ppk and intercooler and gave me a full refund.

Absolutely top service from F03 and no quibbles at all, so the aggravation I was expecting didn’t materialise, thankfully. The car was back to its previous self, ie much smoother and mpg back to where it was before.

I really couldn’t recommend this upgrade. The power increase was barely perceptible and the additional fuel consumption and ‘busy’ gearbox mapping just made it s te to drive. Decent power increase, comes with a money back guarantee and you can take it off and sell it if you change the car.

What did I do in the end? JNW1 4, posts months.