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FASA’s Star Trek RPG, became a major competitor at the time to Task Force Games’ Star Fleet Battles RPG, which, as the first of its kind, had started its releases. This category is specifically for the Star Trek: The Role Playing Game which was published by the FASA Corporation from to Star Trek – The Roleplaying Game Box , , KB. file, The Klingons Boxed , , KB. file.

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Also included are several maps and indices for easy reference and cross-indexing.

Star Trek: The Role Playing Game (FASA) | RPG | RPGGeek

They mistakenly thought that most players took on the roles of characters from the TV series, not their own new characters, and believed that violence-based solutions to problems should not be offered even as a sub-optimal way to solve problems in the game.

This page book contains information on how to play the staf. Paramount revoked FASA’s license to publish the official role-playing game in This fsa module also includes a separate book describing the Romulan War, fought between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire.

This supplement contains a complete time line from the beginning of Earth’s space history to the time of Star Trek III.

Then, a call for help put the Fife face-to-face with the most implacable foe ever faced by Star Fleet — one of the robot-brained “Doomsday Machines,” like the one destroyed years before by the USS Enterprise. XX, with the numbers starting just above One drawback to this application is that your tdek data is stored in the database itself. It still would be funny, but it would allow for him to have a unique name as well.

The set uses the later, simpler FASA word logo. Kirk of the Enterprise.


Star Trek FASA

Like most role-playing games of its era, players had to roll dice to determine the beginning attributes of rrpg character. Learn how your comment data is processed. There were also rules on buying and selling stock on the Federation stock market.

The application is free. Steve Jackson Games The game system was percentile based, meaning that for every action or test desired, players had to roll two ten-sided dice to generate a random number from 1 to Included are the following: A few designs were made for ships mentioned in canon but not seen.

Star Trek: The Role Playing Game (FASA)

All you need is right here to add these mysterious aliens to Star Trek: FASA later developed that system into a more complex standalone game, the Starship Tactical Combat Simulatorsimilar to a tabletop wargame. The Wrath of Khanso it makes appropriate assumptions. It discusses the opinions of the Klingons, Romulans, and different factions within the Federation regarding Genesis and contains essays about Operation Armageddon, a Star Fleet computer simulation detailing war between the Federation and the Klingon and Romulan Empires.

The Next Generation began to air in with what they saw as “changes” to a pre-established universe. A promotion may be in order…. At this time, FASA was scheduled to publish two products which conflicted with this view: Inside are the Orions’ social structure, a racial history dating back hundreds of thousands of years, descriptions of trade on Rigel IV where alien races have traded for millenniadetails on Orion slavery, and numerous planetary descriptions. A skype type of game? The other side depicts figures and can be used with man-to-man combat.

Subsequent seasons had stardates beginning with 42, 43, etc. The life is hard, but the potential rewards are limitless. Its many illustrations show uniforms and equipment, as well as starships, and Romulans engaged in various activities. The Next Generationfilmed materials assigned stardates in a different stwr more systematic way. It has been a long time since we were in contact, and so it is difficult for me to presume by asking for a favor.


More than a supplement, this set provides not only a complete tdek system for Klingon player characters, but complete technological, cultural and physiological background of Klingons and their society. In fact, only the Navigator has only one roll to make with respect to the Navigation system.

It provides the information necessary to create and train Romulan characters; a Romulan Character Record also is provided. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. A hotbed of deceit, destruction, and death.

For weeks, the vessel had been picking up only normal subspace radio traffic along the patrol route near the Romulan Neutral Zone. This site uses cookies. The canonical explanation of the differing appearance of Klingons in the original TV series was first joked about but left unexplained in the Star Trek: Find out why in The Klingons. Turning slowly, Tam found himself fce to face with the yellow eyes of Commander Brr’ynn. The Role Playing Game. No one said that success fasw the Klingon Empire was easy.

After what you’ve been through, your task seems incredibly simple. It faea sections on designing adventures and presenting them to players.

Your story sounds a lot like mine. Help was needed because the senders said that they had less than 24 hours remaining in their life-support system. This booklet contains comprehensive information that has never before appeared in a single volume.