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First download Firefox.. duh right:) Then open your ThinApp setup capture application, it will illustrate the steps required to ThinApp your application. This tutorial will guide you through how to install Vmware Thinapp Packager, in which after we will package Firefox 4 into a Thinapp Package. This tutorial is. I just learned there are problems with Firefox and Thinapp, apparently since (release date: december 16th, a full three months before the article was.

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Thanks Everyone for the information!!

After upgrading to windows 10 creator update these applications crash. Every time the event viewer shows an errorApplication crash, Faulting Module c: We tried with thinapp 5.

Is this a known issue with the creator update? Throwing this out there before I log this with VMware, VMWare engineering team successfully resolved an issue we had with Outlook email previewing not working, unfortunately since the fix we have migrated from Standard to Professional Pro, the fix for the Outlook previewing still works but we now have an issue where printing from Outlook will only print to the default printer no matter what printer you choose, it appears to just ignore your printer choice and send to default, anyone experienced this?

All other Office applications are printing fine, just Outlook is displaying this behaviour. Thanks, we managed to get around it using GP but I will test the method you have suggested next time. I wasn’t aware of this article published march 17th,to be honest, and I’ve been Thinapping Firefox up until I just learned there are problems with Firefox and Thinapp, apparently since I’ll be having a go at Sure I have some weird stuff and I did have to do some workarounds https: At least for me, in my environment, with my settings.


Can you explain what exactly the problem is with FF A blanket “not supported” isn’t of much help. Maybe I can relate some of the albeit minor issues to it so I can close some internal support tickets complaining about that minor stuff with that info. You can have my project, please contact me privately. Our friends at the Mozilla project have been doing some funky changes again, and it looks like it’s now definitly broken in combination with Thinapp.

Funky enough, a Nightly works fine, so here’s hoping 55 will start working again. I’ll go try a beta So this isn’t fixed in the latest version? Please have a look at this KB for supported versions of Office. Looking for Instructions to Thinapp. Do you have instructions for Thinapping Visio Packaging guide for VMware ThinApp 5. Which version of Firefox is your project based on?

Oddly enough, a Nightly fireofx Maybe I’ll try ESR too, see how that goes. The symptoms are that the browser starts and shows its GUI. I can also open the preferences and all that, but closing tabs is flakey at best. Trying to load URLs doesn’t work either. Closing the application sometimes works, usually I have to kill it.

My captures are nothing exciting. And then it basically works. I do some other stuff too, but that’s pretty much implementation details to make it usable in our corporate environment.

They’re not needed to get the base package to work: I include a set of mandatory settings, I add a VBS script to copy a default profile, install and if required, remove some standard extensions into that profile, and install a couple of certificates into the mozilla certificate store which is also in that profile.


I redirect the mozilla profile to the user home friefox instead of leaving it thihapp up space in the roaming profile. Are you the publisher?

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Contact us about this article. Thinapp applications crash after installing Windows 10 Creators Update. Office Pro – Outlook only printing to default printer.

VBScript to copy file to sandbox, not virtual file system. White screen in thinapp of Firefox, thinapp not working – Firefox version 50 and higher. It’s nothing really exciting though, but maybe you can extract some details from it you can use. Open files with thinapped application. I have create file associations for few thinapped applications Adobe Reader, Fireofx Word.

First file is opened as expected.

But next time I click on file it start new process of thinapped application, after few seconds it closes and file opens in existing windows. It is significantly slows down opening files in thin application.

Vmware Thinapp Creating a Thinapp

Is it normal operation? Is there any way to open files in existing window process at once? What I would do: Delete sandbox and check after issue occurred reply via this. Did anybody successfully thinapp thinalp ? What version of office do you support to thinapp? Would really like to thinapp office x32 and x Microsoft Visio Thinapp instructions. The packaging steps are here: Browse the Latest Snapshot.

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