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The Gravity Motor is what I invented before I discovered the Fuelless Engine! You will not be able to run a car with it, but you can build one to generate AC or DC. Fuelless Gravity Engine Motor / Machine MODEL # 4 33 lb 33 lb This device really works! We Guarantee it to work Hopefully you purchased the video also! you. Title: (Ebook – Free Energy) Creative Science & Research – Fuelless Gravity Engine (#FGE2), Author: Emillions, Length: 20 pages, Published:

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Many magazine articles have been written about these type of motors and generators! Call us or contact us using blue contact us button. You will not be able to run a car with it, but you can build one to generate AC or DC electricity for many applications. Current flow through More information. Introduction to Linear Actuators: A fixed ruler-guide More information.


Not included with actuator. Our Fuelless Engine is a free energy permanent magnet – electric motor. By using our simple design you can make the arms of this motor as tall and or as wide as your home, garage or barn. Orders outside the USA. E is the leverage bar for the roller, it’s purpose is to use as little force as possible to push down on the air gun valve switch that is why we have designed it to be so long. The use of springs may need to be used.


Free energy devices must be slowly introduced to the world! Complete each chapter and its review section More information. Chose the right More information. The inverter is used to power a voltage multiplier circuit using diodes and special capacitors! Do It Yourself Solar Energy.

Who ever Big Brother realy is? If the balanced weight on both sides is moved to the left starting at the Linear Motion Slides provide precise linear motion control- 0. June Thornton 2 years ago Views: Of course you can use much more weight than what we are showing in our drawings! I do not know how many winds that is?

Even though our Fuelless Engine motor blows this invention out of the water, it is still fun to build and tinker with.

No, there is no way to calculate the noise of More information. A 12 v marine type battery is used to run a volt AC inverter x watts or less.

The Gravity Motor Plans

Servo Info and Centering Info and Centering A servo grqvity a mechanical motorized device that can be instructed to move the output shaft attached to a servo wheel or arm to a specified position.

A small input of electrical power is also needed to start and keep the free energy reaction going. The back emf can be collected and stored back into the 12 volt battery.

Not included with actuator. Improper selection and installation account for More information. Part 6 2″ 4. Riding between smooth hardened rods, steel balls within the slide roll parallel to the line of motion coefficient of friction fuelldss 0. What s going on? These plans are for your eyes only!


You can not manufacture this device or any of our other devices without our written permission. Many of the enngine needed can be found at most hardware stores.

When do you experience electric charges most, in winter or in. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The magnets have to take the pounds of pressure applied to them or they could crack.

Basic Model Air type Gravity Motor – Fuelless Gravity Engine

Application note Vibration Motor Application note Graviy Chen April 4 th, 1 Table of Contents Pages Executive Summary 1 1. Add 33 to lbs to the end of the slider arms and the torque at the motor shaft will be powerful enough to turn a large low rpm AC or DC generator! You are allowed and can build different size models and use for them for your own use only.

Stefan How to make fuelless gravity engine?

These type of motors have been seen and demonstrated on the Johnny Carson TV show as well as many news and radio shows all across the country in the early ‘s and ‘s.