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Gotrek has miraculously survived all of his adventures and Felix too manages enemies with Toughness 5 or more he has the Multiple Wounds (2) special rule. Gotrek and Felix are a pair of characters in the Warhammer Fantasy setting who appear in a Gotrek is also a very grim and moody figure, even by Dwarven standards, and possesses the same stubborn character, obsession with honour, . Gotrek and Felix: The Complete Journey. A Warhammer Fantasy Battles bundle. From their earliest adventures to their final journey, this bundle collects (almost).

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Initially involved in a love triangle with Felix and the Kislevite noblewoman Ulrika who later became a vampire, for reasons too idiotic to go intowhich was a source of pointless tension between them and prevented them from becoming real friends, even though holy shit! Thoughout the series, starting in the book Dragonslayer, Gotrek and Felix are joined by several slayers. Grimnir then resurrects Gotrek and cedes his position as the Dwarfen God of Vengeance, and presumably retires.

Whilst Gotrek is alive, Felix may only flee and pursue 2D” as well. Looks like we might have been a bit premature there.

Gotrek and Felix – Wikipedia

He also finds himself serving in a more diplomatic role, helping to soothe bruised egos after Gotrek’s anti-authoritarian nature provokes allies or civilized society. D I would love to Vlad to come back but considering he gave his ring to Isabella, I believe its probably going to be Isabella and considering Nurgle and Death are huge right now, I wonder if they’ll have her still be tainted by Fslix or not.

Roll to hit with his first Attacks and then allocate and roll to hit for any bonus Attacks he gains. Though Thanquol thinks himself a tactical genius, a mighty sorcerer and a brave leader, Thanquol is, like all Skaven, a maniacal egotist and a complete coward who flees at the first sign of trouble.

Isn’t PotBS an older audiobook? The events are covered rukes two novels that the fanbase is divided on.

Gotrek & Felix

Also, the axe won’t let him. Over years of following Gotrek, Felix has become an accomplished swordsman and duelist. However, they encountered Kat again in Shamanslayer many years later, now a woman in her late twenties and a deadly warrior, driven to kill all beastmen to avenge the murder of her adopted family. His ghost makes a cameo in Realmslayer, apparently the realm of Shyish is also home to people who died from the World-that-was.


The axe is also mutating him into some sort of super-Dwarf. Every time they encounter one another, Thanquol’s self-proclaimed ingenious schemes are either confounded as Thanquol paranoidly believes by the incompetence of his lackeys or utterly destroyed by Gotrek and Felix or both ; as a result, Thanquol has lost much power and prestige in the Skaven Under-Empire. Gotrek is also relentless may march within 8″ of the enemy although as a skirmisher he may already do this.

Gotrek and Felix

This weapon was the Runemaster’s Axe of the lost dwarven fortress of Karag Dum, and supposedly previously belonged to the dwarven deity Grimnir. Even gotrsk they must remain together both are characters and all the rules for characters apply challenges, targeting restrictions, victory points, etc. Grimnir tells Gotrek that ever since Gotrek found his axe, he has been reshaped into Grimnir’s heir, then proceeds to effortlessly kill the Slayer.

Age of Sigmar by Games Workshop. Explore the Realm of Death with the Hallowed Knights as they seek an audience with the Great Necromancer Nagash and gain a most unlikely ally…. Sadly, The End Times came and went with no sign of the duo on the tabletop. I think they are the anvils of Heldenhammer or something like that. Gotrek and Felix Gotrek Gurnisson is certainly the most, or the least, successful Slayer in this age of the world.

Community Forum Software by IP. Felix, however, has long since come to adopt the opinion that “anything capable of killing the Slayer would finish me off shortly afterwards”. Edit – Looks like it’s old news, nothing to see here I guess Well with the reveal of the Lord Ordinator as a warrior-architect, it could make sense to have Stormcasts in other roles.

Felix is pretty much permanently terrified of dying randomly while Gotrek throws down with godlike evil, and his constant whining about the same is one of his least endearing characteristics, at least during the early books.

Gotrek & Felix – 1d4chan

Thanquol first came to prominence when he took command of the armies of the Skaven Clan Skab after his predecessor, Warlord Vermak Skab perished in a ‘ tragic accident ‘ involving a loaded crossbow and an exploding donkey and used them for his own ends. Disappeared from the series when Gotrek and Felix got teleported to Albion. The Robin to Gotrek’s Batman, the Samwise to his Frodo or the other way around, since Samwise does all the heavy lifting while Frodo frequently fucks up and needs saving.


An experienced adventurer before taking the Slayer Oath, Gotrek has travelled across many lands and faced numerous foes of the Dwarven people, and possesses some engineering experience, including the ability to pilot gyrocopters. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The most notable two are mentioned below, the others include a former cowardly Dwarf, a slayer with a hate-boner for the dragon, a Dwarf who’s hairless due to Skaven weapons and a lecherous Dwarf he’s so horny he bangs a half-elf chick despite Dwarves usually hating elves who gets more nooky than even Felix though he’s in fewer books.

She becomes Felix’s girlfriend for awhile, though tensions emerge due to their respective duties. Ads by Project Wonderful! Recently though they have dropped this brilliant approach to whack any old title on the cover. Tutorial info Visit support topic Added on: I hope Felix is dead. Retrieved from ” https: As they journeyed together, Felix and Kat began to feel affection for each other; while Felix initially had misgivings about falling in love with a woman half his age, whom he’d known as a child, after rescuing Kat from bandits who’d abducted her, Felix accepted what he felt, and the pair became lovers.

At least the ones I read weren’t exactly great.

If they can bring back characters from that ruels completely normal characters at thatthen the end of the Old World loses its meaning. He and Gotrek go way, way back, when they were the sole survivors of an expedition to the Chaos Wastes.

However, some hints have been revealed over the course of the novels, though the authenticity of these sources is somewhat questionable. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Felix was saved by Gotrek, and since he was being pursued by the authorities and knew the Dwarfish attitude to oathbreakers, he had no choice but to leave the city in the company of the Slayer and thereby begin his most extraordinary adventures.

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