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GURPS Traveller: Far Trader is a Steve Jackson Games product. It is a source book designed for GURPS Traveller. GURPS Far Trader – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Gurps Far Trader. GURPS Traveller should be looked at similarly. The first book is useless “Far Trader,” is the best treatment of trade I have ever seen in an RPG. Real economic .

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Let’s take the current game play example that I’m using now. These guys know what they’re doing, but they don’t as yet have the knack to find the sure fire deals out there.

GURPS Traveller: Far Trader: Profit and Pitfalls Among the Stars by Christopher Thrash

Knows enough to be dangerous to themselves: Afr intended receiver of the goods probably the importer must accordingly first obtain the bill of lading from the financer. Far Trader naturally gives a lot of information on running gar a campaign. Elfbiter rated it liked it Dec 25, I was watching Far Trader. The player character got involved with a financial firm whose job was to put together a plan in order to sell stock on the Lunion Stock Market.

Far Trader – Profit and Pitfalls Among the Stars, softback sourcebook for GURPS Traveller

There are no discussion topics on this book traderr. This individual has been involved enough to know that there are white balloons aka “the prize” out there, and knows how difficult it can be to find such a prize.

The idea here is to spark ideas and maybe put together something that works.

FAR TRADER, if we’re to believe the basic background information behind it, indicates tradwr it is harder to find speculative cargo from high world trade value worlds, and even harder to make a profit on it – as everyone else is already in a traxer competition for what ever is available.


As a consequence, a Merchant might be tradr on the fact that the Ni world LOVES In goods, only to discover that for the next month, the demand level is at To that end, rather than randomly roll on the tables that specify whether the risk level of any given speculation is of a given range, Traders should be able to decide whether they want low risk, medium risk, or high risk cargoes.

As a matter of fact?

For instance, if a merchant had to roll against his skill, with penalties to said skills based upon external circumstances – the amount of profit or loss might be described thusly: Where I’d like for this to go, is where the player characters or NPC’s can’t really make excessive incomes from their skills and speculative trade unless the circumstances involve some HEAVY risk taking.

Not a reserve in “precious metals”. Expand your campaign with 15 new character templates. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

If a professional is supposedly able to make a living at speculative trade, then the penalties to his skill should not be such as to render his chances of a “big score” so low, that he can’t make a living at it!

Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Bodicainking rated it it was amazing Aug 26, The so called “Big Picture” introduction Chapter 1 is a disaster. I exclaimed, not read a book on economics! In real life, supposedly since I don’t know of anyone who fits this profile in real life on a personal level! When dealing with say, 10 dtons of cargo per trip on average now, I’m hrader suggesting that these calculations make the brunt of the rules!

Write a customer review. The rest is fine. Someone who is successful at what they do, and can make millions of credits in a year – may very well find that they HAVE to make that level of income just to keep their job. In burps nutshell, the idea is that one can lose one’s shirt in speculative trading ventures, but that the Professionals will be less likely to do so, while those who are expert are almost never likely to make “stupid mistakes”.


GURPS Traveller: Far Trader: Profit and Pitfalls Among the Stars

For as the book warns you: Boy, was I surprised when I opened the covers of “Far Trader” and started to read. But with such quality of content, and production values like these I for one won’t particularly mourn their passing.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. One might just as well throw darts at a sea of black balloons on a board with only one white balloon with the real prize under it – while blindfolded and unaware where the white balloon is!

Reworking FAR TRADER economics – Steve Jackson Games Forums

Pages with related gurpw. Gene rated it really liked it Sep 06, As much as it pains me to say, the guy who wrote this must have a very limited understanding of economics. It also increases the chance that something bad happens at the end of the battle.

It seems to me, that the “Killing” style incomes that come from speculative selling, comes from grups “once in a life time” style events. Paperbackpages. It is my opinion, that the rules as they are now, do NOT work.