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Selectable acceleration and deceleration rates. • Stand still refrigeration. • Pre-set key prevents accidental change of set values. HERMLE “Standard-Control”. Hermle ZK Refrigerated Centrifuge from Labnet International, Inc. Multiple swing-out and angle rotor options make the Z series of high capacity centrifuges useful Hermle Z & ZK high capacity centrifuge features.

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The microprocessor based controls are designed for quick and easy programming.

Parameters are set with knobs while their values are shown on large digital displays. To prevent accidental change, the knobs are inactivated during a run unless the preset key is depressed. Both the Z and Z K feature maintenance-free, induction drives for exceptionally quiet and smooth operation. Safety features include an electronic lid lock, imbalance sensors and a rotor recognition program that automatically limits each rotor to its maximum rated speed.


Labnet Hermle Z400K Refrigerated Centrifuge w/ rotor

G-force conversion software allows for setting and display of speed in rpm or RCF. Acceleration and deceleration rates can be set at fast or slow.

A continuous flow of ambient air through the rotor chamber of the Z prevents sample temperature from rising significantly above ambient, even during extended runs. Analytik Jena Axygen Barnstead Inter. Biochrom Biomek BioTek Instrume.

Ohaus Orbis Orion Owl Separation. Scientiis Shamrock Shelton Scienti. Sonics Stahmer Techne Teledyne Cetac. Use keywords to find the product you are looking for. Hermld rotor 4 place, with insert holders – Hermle ZZK. Carrier 19 x 10ml 16 x mmfor rotor – Hermle ZZK.

Product InformationScience Laboratory Equipment, Chemicals, Reagents, Labware, Instruments

Carrier 12 x 15ml conical, for rotor – Hermle ZZK. Carrier 5 x 50ml conical, for rotor – Hermle ZZK.

Carrier 7 x jermle conical cannot use lidfor rotor – Hermle ZZK. Carrier 1 x mlfor rotor must be purchased in full set of 2 pairs – Hermle ZZK.


HERMLE Labortechnik · Zentrifugen: Contact Person

Carrier for microplates, for rotor must be purchased in full set of 2 pairs – Hermle ZZK. Swing-out rotor with 2 microplate carriers, x g max – Hermle ZZK.

Insert, 48 x 1. Angle rotor, 48 place, 24 x 0. Copyright c www.