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Análisis de Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, el nuevo recopilatorio para PS4, Xbox One y PC que incluye Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, Mega Man. Los amantes de los juegos retro recibimos con los brazos abiertos Sega Mega Drive Classics, una colección de 53 títulos de 16 bits que. El análisis de Mega Man Legacy Collection nos embarca en un viaje al pasado de Capcom, una de las compañías míticas de la historia de los.

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Hobby Consolas’ Scores Games. For reviewsthis publication has graded:. On average, this publication grades 6. Average Game review score: Metal Gear Solid V: MGO3 is extremely fun and a solid bet for both those who just want to “shoot at things” and stealth-lovers. Only the lack of content keeps it away from being one of the greatest onlines games ever.

We’ll definitely keep an eye on future updates. Hobby Consolas Posted Oct 9, Read full review. The same experience we had with previous iterations of the franchise, spiced with some minor innovations. Hobby Consolas Posted Oct 7, Read full review.

DQH is much more than a hbobyconsolas “Musou” game, a very enjoyable action game that also adds RPG and strategic elements in a new way to its formula. A lovely trip to the Dragon Quest universe that retains its humor, its music and meya of the most memorable characters of the series to tell us a very classic story. But if you give it an opportunity, rest assured that you will fall in love with it, even if misses some opportunities, like multiplayer.

Hobby Consolas Posted Oct 6, Read full review. Elite Dangerous for Xbox One is the ultimate spaceship simulator. Its huge changing universe and its PvP modes make Frontier’s game a very interesting option if you love sci-fi.

Skylanders returns another year with one of its most complete adventure thanks to the new SuperChargers vehicles and the fantastic online racing mode. Hobby Consolas Posted Oct 5, Read full review. Not a brilliant fighting game, although Mdga Seiya fans will find many nice things in it. Hobby Consolas Posted Oct 1, Read full review.

The Nathan Drake Collection. Regardless, gameplay and storytelling are perfectly hbobyconsolas. Hobby Consolas Posted Sep 30, Read full review. It requires patience, and it can be repetitive, but if you calmly invest time in it you will appreciate its deep gameplay and challenging dungeons. Hobby Consolas Posted Sep 29, Read full review. A first-person title that scares us while we move through the deep megx base Pathos-II.


Although puzzles are too easy hobbyconsoolas the frame rate is unstable. Hobby Consolas Posted Sep 28, Read full review. The more you play it, the more you’re surprised.

Give it a shot, though. NBA 2K16 is the best sports game of the year without any doubt. Visual Concepts shows everyone how to innovate in a genre where it’s quite easy to get lazy. The ring belongs to it, my precious.

It takes the fundamentals of FIFA 15 and solves its failures to offer a great football experience. The audiovisual presentation and the quantity of licenses are brilliant, though the franchise has lost the gap with Pro Evolution Soccer. Hobby Meag Posted Sep 22, Read full review. Hobby Consolas Posted Sep 21, Read full review.

Hobby Consolas Posted Sep 16, Read full review. A great surprise in the Wii U digital catalogue. Full of modes for every kind of player. Hobby Consolas Posted Sep 14, Read full review. Pro Evolution Soccer It could be better in some aspects, but the gameplay shines brightly again, and that means victory in the sports genre.

Zombies, katanas and sexy fighters. Onechanbara Z2 Chaos is the best episode of the series Only the Onechanbara fans will enjoy it.

Hobby Consolas Posted Sep 10, Read full review. The franchise hobbuconsolas by Turn 10 Studios enjoys its birthday with an iteration that is an elegy to motorsport mc.

Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi – Wikipedia

Rain and night are not included in all the circuits, but the overall game is tremendous. Hobby Consolas Posted Sep 8, Read full review.

The Disney Infinity franchise has matured and become adult. All the power of Star Wars is in your hands.

May the Force be with you. Hobby Consolas Posted Sep 7, Read full review. Super Time Force Ultra. A fun 2D action-packed platformer game notable for its frantic hobbyconsolws, sense of humour and smart use of time tricks.

Hobby Consolas Posted Sep 5, Read full review. Easy to create, fun to play. It doesn’t reach its full potential because it lacks multiplayer and other details, but it’s clear that it’s going to give us endless fun with thousands of great levels based on the best 2D Marios. Hobby Consolas Posted Sep 2, Read full review.


One of the best games on PS Vita transformed into a game that takes a great profit from Dual Shock 4 and adds some new areas and features. Iota has no rival as a postman. Mad Max is really conventional, a mix of driving and exploration with the combat system that everybody seems to clone these days the Batman Arkham, as you must know. It even wastes some good opportunities to create a really unique game that truly makes a difference. None of these, by the way, makes Mad Megw a bad game because the genre combination, the huge content available and the excellent level design are addictive enough to keep us playing for weeks.

Hobby Consolas Posted Aug 31, Read full review. You’ll like Dishonored Definitive Edition if you didn’t play the original.

Hobby Consolas Profile – Page 23 – Metacritic

It contains all the DLC and its story and mechanics are outstanding. But if you played Dishonored inyou could end up disappointed. Broken Sword is back. The series created by Charles Cecil recovers its essence and provides humor, mystery and adventure. A game megaa for fans and a tribute to the entire franchise. Although its gameplay is outdated and the game has some technical issues, Devil’s Third delivers fun and a good online multiplayer.

Hobby Consolas Posted Aug hobbyconsolzs, Read full review. Hobbyconslas Man Legacy Collection. A good retro collection that features the first Mega Man games with some extras. Hobby Consolas Posted Aug 25, Read full review. Until Dawn is an interesting adventure with a script worthy of Hollywood that mixes deep characters with complicated decisions.

Análisis de Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 para PS4, Xbox One y PC

It is much more than a game of the hobyconsolas genre. Hobby Consolas Posted Aug 24, Read full review. Hobyconsolas Coalition did a great job remastering the first Gears of War. Campaign is still intense and fun and it looks brilliant in p, and multiplayer, with new maps and modes at 60fps, is even better.

It also includes the complete saga for Xbox ReCore – Launch Trailer. Forza Horizon 3 – Official Launch Trailer. Red Dead Redemption 2. Vroom in the Night Sky.