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Hoodoo, Conjuration, Witchcraft, and Rootwork has 31 ratings and 3 reviews. Hyatt’s extensive book “Folk-lore from Adams County, Illinois” is listed in the. Hi there, I saw a post a year ago looking for all 5 of these books. I have all 5 in pdf form if there is anyone looking for a copy here they are. In my search I kept coming across request and post online about “Hyatt’s Hoodoo , Conjuration, Witchcraft and Rootwork” – which is noted as the motherload of.

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The first volume is the most approachable. Now I think there’s hope.

If you have an interest in literal hoodoo there’s cheaper and more readily available options. There was hardly anyone black on the forums, and the rootworkers and those who had been trained under CY had no problems suggesting wiccan and other european beliefs alongside hoodoo. Interviews were not numbered. The lengthy section on African-American hoodoo spells, and the unique quality of these spells, is what led Hyatt to undertake his later, more massive, work of hoodoo gyatt collection in the South.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. I tried to draw him to me but I have never been able to do it. Occasionally his equipment failed or was not available and he took hand-written notes instead.

I’m also noticing this with genealogy. How good is this book? Hyatt died before the sixth volume, an index, was prepared. But I found this article and now it has all fallen into place.


Hoodoo, Conjuration, Witchcraft, and Rootwork by Harry Middleton Hyatt

Yo’ ain’t goin’ tuh live in dat house. Though whites made African practices illegal and tried to beat and intimidate them our of black folks, then appropriated much of it for their own monetary benefit, taking as ohodoo from African Americans as possible, Hoodoo survived.

Witchspell rated it it was amazing Apr 26, Supplementary interviews were conducted in Florida in May 20, Andy rated it it was amazing. This info will help greatly.

I do not intend to apologize for Hyatt’s technique, and i hope that future scholars will not do so either. And so he caught his mother-in-law, so he told me. Then in a collection with 36, beliefs was published by Wayland D. How do you keep them from riding you? What may look to modern eyes like “racial stereotyping” or making fun of Southerners was actually his sincere attempt to catalogue variant regional pronunciations. Collette rated it really liked it Sep 17, Most of the stuff online is simply not old-school, but rather stuff that is more aptly called “urban hoodoo”, which was created by manafacturers in order to sell their products.

An ‘ after spraying hoodlo salt, he told me to wear it I wore de shoe an ‘ immediately my swelling went down within five days. Dec 7, 2. This sort of posture is akin to saying that only native-born Irish people can legitimately play Irish music and all other are simply cultural exploiters and pretenders. And he took this shoe hokdoo ‘ sprayed it with salt.


Hoodoo, Conjuration, Witchcraft, and Rootwork

They took him up and put him in a dry place, and they never saw him again. However, Hyatt only focused on the African-American practices and as such he missed the big-picture and was not able to see the “tapestry” that is hoodoo. They ride horses too and tangle the manes.

We do not work with pagan gods.

When you are in bed asleep they get on you and bear on you. Every boy needs one, right?

The publication of this hyaatt was accomplished between andagain under the imprint “Memoirs of the Alma C. Before reading this I was convinced that nobody could learn hoodoo from hyatf. Unfortunately, as Hyatt explains in his preface, the material was edited and “omission of Negro dialect means that colored folk speak the same language as their white neighbors” with the exception of “a small vocabulary peculiar to themselves [of which] examples occur frequently in the text.