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IBM System Storage DS Architecture and Implementation. Front Cover. IBM Redbooks, Bertrand Dufrasne. IBM, International Technical Support. Front cover IBM System Storage DS Architecture and Implementation High Density Storage Enclosure 8 Gbps Host Adapters 4-Port Device Adapter. Front cover IBM System Storage DS Architecture and Implementation Learn the DS and DS new and common features Plan, install, and.

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The array consists of four data drives that are mirrored to four copy drives.

The hardware is optimized to provide higher performance, connectivity, and reliability. Unlike previous PC expansion interfaces, rather than being a bus, it is structured around point-to-point full duplex serial links called lanes. This number is double that of POWER6 eight for the kernel, seven for the user, and one for the Hypervisor that enhances a key resiliency that is very important for virtualization environments.


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It also uses mainframe-inspired components and technologies. Hardware components and architecture 37 3. Critical events for example, a complete AC power loss trigger appropriate signals from hardware to the affected components to prevent any implemwntation loss without operating arcbitecture or firmware involvement. Former 92E and 94E expansion frames cannot be reused in the DS If a DDM is not present, its slot must be occupied by a dummy carrier, because without a drive or a dummy, cooling air does not circulate properly.

This enables operating at a high data rate for large memory configurations. RAID 6 allows for additional fault tolerance by using a second independent implemenattion parity scheme dual parity.

Architecture and Implementation 3 Chapter 3. Each storage enclosure has two power supply units PSU. It might choose to allow the hot spare to remain where it has been moved, but it can instead choose to migrate the spare to a more optimum position. Within each Extent Pool, we create logical volumes.


You can switch on create an encryption group encryption later, but then all ranks must be deleted and stogage, which means your data is also deleted. The disk enclosures are located in front and rear of each frame. It is the maximum PAF configuration: Apart from these two contingencies which are highly unlikelythe EPO switch should never be used.

For System z, systemm are called volumes.

IBM System Storage DS – Architecture and Implementation | Storage CH Blog

ajd From a high-level view, there appear to be three types of frames available for the DS Power restored When power is restored to a DS model, the following events occur: A storage complex can, and usually does, consist of simply a single DS storage unit primary frame plus optional expansion frames.

Each enclosure places two FC switches onto each loop. Only one expansion frame can be added concurrently to the business arcnitecture configuration. It is designed to avoid single points of failure.

The second and third expansion frames can have a maximum of 3. See the upgrade path illustrated in Figure for details. Read requests for data on the failed drive should not be affected because they can all be directed to the good RAID 1 array. Systems with POWER6 processors introduce the ability to extract the failing instruction from the faulty core and retry it elsewhere in the system, after which the failing core is dynamically deconfigured and called out for replacement.


IBM System Storage DS8000 Architecture and Implementation Front cover

Detection of double-bit memory failures helps maintain data integrity. The use of redundant parts allows the system to remain operational. This size allows 24 disk drives implemdntation be installed in each storage enclosure. This enhancement provides more efficient use of the site-to-site network capacity, a higher single volume throughput capability, and an environment that can effectively use Parallel Access Volumes.

It allows the administrator to explore the health of the environment at an aggregate or in-depth view. Each server within the storage area network SAN has its own set of virtual storage addresses that are mapped to physical addresses. Information concerning non-IBM products was obtained from the suppliers of those products, their published announcements or other publicly available sources.

IBM System Storage DS – Architecture and Implementation |

The first expansion frame can have a maximum of 3. The second and third expansion frames have drives only. The high availability, multiplatform support, including IBM Z, and simplified management tools help provide a cost-effective path to an on-demand and cloud-based infrastructures.

For more information about SSDs, see Chapter 8. This allows it to be simultaneously attached to both switches. Whenever the device adapter connects to a disk, it uses a bridged connection to transfer data. Each enclosure can hold up to 24 DDMs.

At that time, you can also order replacement standby CoD disk drive sets.