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INTRODUCTION. This service manual describes the latest service information for the ICH DUAL BAND FM TRANSCEIVER at the time of publication. View and Download ICOM ICH instruction manual online. DUAL BAND FM TRANSCEIVER. ICH Transceiver pdf manual download. View and Download Icom ICH operating manual online. VHF/UHF Radio. ICH Radio pdf manual download.

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I Programming Memory Channels I General Description Table of contents Table Of Contents The selected resume condition is also used for priority watch.

The squelch attenuator allows you to set a minimum signal level needed to open the squelch. I Memory Bank Selection Basic Operation I Receiving q Set the audio level for the main band.

Icom IC-2720H Operating Manual

You can also trans- mit on the VFO frequency while the priority watch operates. The watch resumes according to the selected scan resume condition. I Accessing A Repeater I Skip Channel Setting I Call Channel Selection I Transferring Bank Contents Page 41 z Set the receive frequency repeater output fre- DUP— quency on the main band.


I Partial Reset I Pocket Beep Operation I Front Panel- Controller NEVER remove the fuse holders. I Using The Keypad I Memory clearing Contents of programmed jcom can be cleared blankedif desired.

Icom ICH Manuals

The attenuator function can be deactivated in initial set mode. I Lock Functions Using The Mounting Bracket Iccom Location Select a location which can support the weight of the trans- ceiver and does not interfere with driving.

I All Reset Page 5 I Selecting output jcom Connect the supplied microphone to either the desired con- nector as illustrated below. I One-touch Ptt Function Selecting the operating frequency band The ICH has 2 m and 70 cm bands for each left and right band.

I Call Channel Transferring Even if the memory bank contents are cleared, the memory channel contents still remain pro- grammed.

I Microphone hm I Programming A Memory Channel I Programming a memory channel VFO settings, including the set mode contents such as sub- audible tone frequency, offset, can be programmed into a memory channel. Setting A Frequency Pocket Beep And Tone Squelch For memory channel watch: I Receiving q Set the audio level for the main band.


I Programming A Memory Channel Each of these channels can be individually programmed with operating frequency pgs. I Initial set mode The initial set mode is accessed at power ON and al- lows you to set seldom-changed settings. Using the Ivom q In VFO mode, set the desired operating frequency, includ- ing offset direction, tone settings, etc.

Gutter-mount antenna To antenna I Transmitting A Dtmf Code I Programming A Dtmf Code This setting can be set for each memory, call and Ivom inde- pendently. This may distort the signal. To activate all functions access or to change frequency via the microphone, you must designate one band as the main band.

Scan does not operate.