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Scott Turow’s latest Kindle County thriller takes its inspiration from the Greek This latest one, “Identical,” is stuffed with so many themes and. Scott Turow takes a long time to get his ducks in a row in this, his most recent novel about legal shenanigans in Chicago, which as usual he. Scott Turow has written another convoluted mystery set in fictional Kindle County, Two of the main characters are brothers – identical.

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Scott Csott practiced law before turning his attention to fiction writing. It is not a legal thriller. That would require the novel to be thrilling, at the very least, to compel you to turn the page.

In my case, I read the book on a Kindle, and it often compelled me to turn my e-reader off.

IDENTICAL by Scott Turow | Kirkus Reviews

It is also not a farce of a legal thriller. That was my initial guess. Think Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Idnetical Improbable coincidences, characters misidentifying one another. Identical is not short on any of those.


Then again, a farce by nature is required to be humorous. Identical is also not a primer on DNA analysis or Greek mythology, however much it may read like one at times. As Turow explains in his author’s note, he had the pleasure of consulting several experts csott this book.

Unfortunately, portions simply read like a transcription of their chats. Identical identcial actually a pretty good courtroom drama, when it’s in the courtroom.

The novel tells the story of two identical twin brothers, Paul and Cass Gianis. Paul is a state senator running for mayor. Cass has just gotten out of prison after serving 25 years for killing his girlfriend. But now the murder is being re-investigated, and when all the detectives and lawyers are standing before a identicxl, the scenes are, generally, excellent.

Review of “Identical” by Scott Turow | Rhapsody in Books Weblog

Turow is sharp as ever with dialogue, clever with legal arguments and positioning. But too often, outside the courthouse, the writing is explanatory and flat.

If I haven’t made myself clear, this book is not Turow’s best. Utrow my disappointment comes from being an admirer.

Turow’s first work of fiction, Presumed Innocentpractically established the modern legal novel — expert about the lawyering, subtle about the storytelling. Finally, Identical is not terrible. Plenty of readers will enjoy it, especially the ending, which is hard to see coming — in part because the author manages expectations well, in part because it’s so implausible.


But in my case, the book simply didn’t meet a standard that Turow had established in my mind. I don’t know if that’s unfair, but it is true.

Read an excerpt of Identical. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

Whatever the premise may lead you to believe, though, this novel is neither funny nor especially thrilling. Reviewer Rosecrans Baldwin explains that the book is at its best in the courtroom, but elsewhere, it plods.

‘Identical’ Stumbles Outside The Courtroom

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