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The Eye in the Pyramid has ratings and reviews. Faith said: Take Douglas Adams, give him an unhealthy interest in conspiracy theory, then spike. The Paperback of the The Illuminatus! Trilogy: The Eye in the Pyramid, The Golden Apple, and Leviathan by Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson. Filled with sex and violence–in and out of time and space–the three books of The Illuminatus are only partly works of the imagination. They tackle all.

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And what a strange trip it was into the Eye. Hang on and enjoy the ride. There aren’t many books where you get a fun spy story, a harrowing Cthulhu story, and a rundown of the zeitgeist of a part of American history all in one, but there’s certainly this one.

So, we created an opposition within the Discordian Society, which we called the Bavarian Illuminati [ This metafictional note is swiftly rejected or ignored as they turn their attention to the monster again. The plot meanders around the globe to such locations as Las Vegas where a potentially deadly, secret U.

I also admit a lack of interest in the beat poets, psychadelic culture, and World War II, so I’m glad to have gotten those all out of the way in the same fell swoop.

illuminwtus Retrieved 12 Illuminatjs Only much later in the story is the secret revealed, when Malik is hypnotized by Hagbard Celine to recall suppressed memories of his first-grade teacher conditioning his ppyramid to ignore the fnords: Be prepared for streams of consciousness in which not only identity but time and space no longer confine the narrative, which zips up and down time-lines and flashes into other minds with consummate ease [ The individual editions sold steadily untilwhen the trilogy was republished in a single omnibus volume for the first time.


The fictional journalist Epicene Wildeblood at one point is required to critique a book tthe similar to The Illuminatus! I had expected a relatively serious Illuminati exposing mystery novel, and was happily surprised. The evil scheme uncovered late in the tale is an attempt to immanentize the eschatona secret scheme of the American Medical Associationan evil rock band, to bring about a mass human sacrificethe purpose of which is the release of enough “life-energy” to give eternal life to a select group of initiates, including Adolf Hitler.

The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea | : Books

One such joke involves the forging and placing of signs that are signed by “The Mgt. Considering what a lousy job he does at poetry, I suppose it will be a high-camp novel, intentionally or unintentionally.

The book is simply poorly wrought. This style of building up a viable belief system, then tearing it down to replace it with another one, was described by Wilson as ” guerrilla ontology “.

I would like to throw in that I downloaded it from Audible. It’s still a fun read fnord. Reading this book can give you paranoia. Cosmic Trigger Perk Showcase.

It seemed to work out pretty well. He finances his operations by smuggling illicit substances. Now his offices have been bombed, he’s missing, and the case has landed in the lap of a tough, cynical, pyfamid New York detective. When I was seventeen, I thought this book was the most brilliant ee I’d ever read.


Filled with sex and violence – in and out of time and space – the three books of The Illuminatus!

The Eye in the Pyramid

For example, the title of the first book, The Eye in the Pyramidrefers to the Eye of Providencea mystical symbol which derives from the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus and is erroneously claimed to be the symbol of the Bavarian Illuminati. Sweet jumpin’ Jesus, this is bad.

You can be sure I won’t waste time reading such rubbish.

That’s because he wants to understand just a hint of how bad things really are. Tthe general, the melodrama is Shea and the satire is me; but some of the satire is definitely him and some of the melodrama pyrmid certainly me. In the trilogy won the Prometheus Hall of Fame Awarddesigned to honor libertarian science fiction. Names and references to places, individuals and events are thrown out the window at every page. Shea went on th write several action novels based in exotic historical se Robert Joseph Shea was a novelist and journalist best known as co-author with Robert Anton Wilson of the science fantasy trilogy Illuminatus!

There 23 kinds of people who read this book, those who get it and those who don’t. Retrieved 21 February