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Inkscape is an open source drawing tool for creating and editing SVG graphics. More than just a text vector editor, Inkscape provides a WYSIWYG interface for. The user file contains all the preferences that are accessible from the Inkscape Preferences dialog, as well as quite a few that are not. The file is. Inkscape has the ability to batch process SVG files without opening up the Graphics User Interface (GUI). The available options can be divided into a few.

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The user file preferences. This section gives information on a few of the latter.

The numbers 2 through 5 select alternative keys. You can see which keys they correspond to by running the xkeycaps program available from www. Colors are specified in decimal form converted from inkscap rgba hexadecimal value to base ten. Color used when stroke crosses a dark background. A number of preferences control the way content is written to the SVG files. If ‘0’, colors are written as three-digit hexadecimal numbers where possible or as six-digit hexadecimal numbers if not.

If non-zero, colors are written when possible with SVG color keyword names such as blue or black. Use of keyword names can cause problems with some Extensions.

This is the number of significant digits written out for a number. Lowering the number will save a small amount of space at a cost of precision. Any number smaller than 10 raised to this value 10 -8 is written out as 0. Number of spaces used for indenting between nested levels of SVG tags. A value of ‘0’ disables indentation.


If ‘0’, attributes are separated by newlines; otherwise, attributes are placed on the same line as their tags. The templates directory is listed under the Places part of the Save As dialog. You can directly save any SVG file to this directory.

Saving the file as default. Objects, gradients, patterns, and so forth, can be added to an empty Inkscape SVG file and then saved and placed in the templates directory. When that file is selected in the list of templates, you gandbuch have access to all the objects, gradients, and patterns you previously defined. Handbuhc file format handbkch the Gimp palettes file format so palettes can be shared between the two programs. The file format is very simple, as the following example five-color palette file shows.

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There is one color per line. Each color is defined as three numbers representing the values of red, green, and blue followed by a name shown when the cursor hovers over the swatch. The range of values is 0—, where means that the corresponding color is fully turned on. The above palette consists of the colors black, red, green, blue, and white. It differs from the diamond markers included with Inkscape in that the center of the diamond is gray and the orientation doesn’t depend on the slope of the lines.

Start of marker definition. If a numerical value, the orientation of the marker with respect to the screen coordinates. The definition of the path of the marker. See the file format for Paths in the appendix for more details. For more details, see the Markers section of the SVG specification. There are a number of alternative shortcuts available.


To use them, simply rename the file to defaults. Right-handed illustration for use in drawing on a tablet with a stylus held by the right hand; most commonly keyboard shortcuts are accessible with the left hand: These will override any shortcuts defined in the system-wide hajdbuch.

See the comments in the default file for more details. One particularly handy shortcut customization is to bind often-used Extensions to keys. Free web analytics, website statistics. Warning This section not yet updated for Inkscape v0.

Color used when stroke crosses a light background. Color used to outline images. Color used for clip paths. Color used for masks. inkscap

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Tip Objects, gradients, patterns, and so forth, can be added to an empty Inkscape SVG file and then saved and placed in the templates directory. Custom Swatches or Palettes. Declaration of the type of file. Shown inkscxpe list of palettes. Offset of marker origin from node position. Inkscape id of marker. End of marker definition. Using the Command Line. This section not yet updated for Inkscape v0. Get the Book or EBook.