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Dutch Sheets, D.D., is the senior pastor of Springs Harvest Fellowship in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he has pastored for ten years. He has served on the. Intercessory Prayer. With Dutch Sheets. If God is all-powerful, why does He need us to pray? If we pray and nothing happens, does this mean that God isn’t. Dutch Sheets has repackaged his classic Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth. Sheets caused me to examine my.

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I was soon drawn in by the author’s writing style, and then the information grabbed me, too. In some ways I really agreed with the author and it encouraged my prayer life. Dutch illustrates the power of prayer over and over again in this book.

I have read this book twice and it changed the way I think about praying and God’s interaction with us. No trivia or quizzes yet. God is the One who releases His power. I praywr found it dwelt on exegesis too much, and not enough on modern applications. Sheets uses so many verses from the Bible while explaining his standing was a huge plus.

There’s just something about people who are close yb God. I enjoyed Dutch Sheets writing. Bu our prayers don’t change our circumstances what is the point? Except I am so blessed to of read it!!! The success of our efforts will sheers be birthed in our prayer closets.

Invest in your life with advice from today’s leading experts that will encourage, challenge, and inspire you. Nobody talks like that, so I wonder if the stories were made up. The author writes from a Pentecostal perspective, which for some readers may seem occasionally too “subjective” hence my analogy about the seeds — but don’t let that deter you. Prayer is a mighty thing. I often find that my prayer life is the weakest part of my spiritual life. This book literally changed my life.


There was one time when I literally laughed out loud, which was totally unexpected for me. To ask other readers questions about Intercessory Prayerplease sign up. Discovering God’s Purpose for Your Life. I would have appreciated a little more about attention to that. It was too wordy with way too many root words that I didn’t care about. If you really want to live a life of victory, reading this book is a good place to start.

I read it, re-learned the basics of interceding for others, and prayed for my mother to be healed of her lupus. It was even the dutcj kind with fluorescent letters that could be easily seen at night. Sheets wrote a book with a lot of seriousness, but he found a good balance of throwing in funny little stories or rabbit trails at just the right time to help balance the book.

If God is intercezsory, why does He need us to pray?

Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven & Earth by Dutch Sheets

In all these years, the message is as relevant today as it was 20 years ago — if not more so. No items in cart. Sheets caused me to examine my own prayer life in light of Scripture and my traditional understanding of prayer, miracles, and the will of God. But the main reason why my rating was only three stars is because the book The book is written in a simple, informal style.

Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven & Earth

I was really convicted about my prayer life as I read this book. Sheetts 17, Tiffany Anderson rated it really liked it. Thanks for telling us about the untercessory. Everything is set in stone, God is in control, the saved have been saved from the beginning of time, and anything that happens in your life is God’s will, so why pray other than to have a “relationship” with God?


This was a wide-ranging look at many different aspects of intercessory prayer, with a more than ample supply of Bible references and illustrations. Trespassers will be violated. As a prayeer Baptist, intercessry tendency of my circle can be to downplay the realm of spiritual warfare and of the active work of God.

Not only did it reinforce many basic truths about prayer, but I gained a number o I heard a wise saying years ago that reading some books is like eating watermelon it’s still really good and very much worth it, even if you have to spit out a few seeds along the way!

In this respect the book is excellent. He also addresses the fact that the answer may n Dutch Sheets has written a book that introduces and explains what intercessory prayer does and the role we play in prayer. Got to pg Finally, it builds meaning out of a certain possible definition for the word that the word may not even be used in the text.

This book is for anyone who wants to understand why prayer is so important and why we sometimes don’t get immediate answers.

However, that’s just my opinion, which impacts the way I reacted to this text. Return to Book Page. What he was really saying was that he wants to use ice cream for punishment.

Apr 29, Samantha rated it it intrrcessory amazing.

Dutch sheets 1 2 Jun 26, See 1 question about Intercessory Prayer…. With Mike Shreve on Sep Throughout their lives, many people struggle to fit in, find their reason for existence, and truly know who they are.

They have no power in themselves; yet, as I am reminded that God has worked mightily in my life, my faith increases.