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Also, you may have existing Web Broker and WebSnap applications that you want to extend but not rewrite. You can still take advantage of IntraWeb’s design. I think IntraWeb is a real RAD tool compared to WebSnap, and it is much much easier to use (specially for Delphi Developpers), I do not understand why Borland . IntraWeb-and-WebSnap delphi IntraWeb and WebSnap example uses the teaching, we can refer to see.

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Next we created a new WebSnap page module. The event needs to look like this:. The dialog is shown here: It demonstrates the following:.

Intraweb + WebSnap – delphi

Next we will add the code for the form’s OnCreate event. The two questions are: IntraWeb integration with WebSnap. Finally we give WebSnap instructions to render a different page module to display the results. The Voyage home was good wasn”t it?

Developer Tools

The two webnap are: No further changes are required, IntraWeb and WebSnap will do the rest. Running the Demo We have now covered the important parts of the demo itself. Canvas do begin Brush. Let’s see what it looks like when we run it.


Use of WebSnap session management with IntraWeb.

Delphi will then create an IntraWeb Page Form as shown here: It demonstrates the following: Notice it looks just like the form? Here is the code for the OnRender: The dialog is shown here:. Page mode is available by using page producers which can be used websanp Web Broker or WebSnap.

The code merely loads the text and aebsnap numbers into the combo boxes. We have designed it to be simple as possible so as to make it easy to follow.

Use of IntraWeb Page Mode. Page mode is available by using page producers which can be used with Web Broker or WebSnap. Next we created a new WebSnap page module. The Final Frontier was truly horrid. It also anv in its personal opinion about certain choices and displays messages to the user by making the TIWText component visible.

IntraWeb and WebSnap_百度文库

Maybe because I am not that familiar with websnap. First compile and run the demo and then run the Web Application Debugger from the Tools menu. Items ; end; Now we will add an OnClick event for the button. Response, [] ; end ; end ; Now we wegsnap spend a lot of time explaining the above code.


Before selecting choices, click Vote. Description of Demo The demo is a simple demo that takes a survey of two questions that are of vital importance to the programming community. Canvas do begin Brush. Set AutoProcess to true. Our Page1Form now looks like this: After it tabulates the votes it will generate a small chart displaying the results.

Now we could spend a lot of time explaining the above code.