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Two of these tools are known as SQL*Plus, a command line interface, and Developer, a collection of forms, reports and graphics interfaces. This tutorial. If you’re the DBA, you may need to worry about starting the iSQL*Plus server. The concept is similar to starting an Oracle Net listener. The iSQL*Plus server is. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, interactive tutorials, and more. Start Free.

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Don’t wait for your shop to get an Oracle 10g database up and running.

Download the client software and start using these great new features that will make a few of your everyday tasks a bit more bearable. With the release of Oracle 10g, these two interfaces come with a few new features that we have all been waiting for and a few features that just make them nicer to use.


I am only going to touch on the new features that I think are most notable. There are a couple of new features, such as default behavior and compatibility, that I will not focus on and leave you to read the manual. Ttuorial option is only available in a Windows environment and requires you to enclose the full path and file name within quotes ” or ‘.

New Features in Oracle 10g for SQL*Plus and iSQL*Plus

While this might be a neat little feature to have, if you ever want to port your scripts to a UNIX environment they just will not work.

I would suggest that you skip this feature if you have a need to port across operating systems. I personally think this is the greatest part of the new features. Being a DBA that isq typically switch between a multitude of databases in any given hour, the ability for the re-execution of the glogin.

New Features in Oracle 10g for SQL*Plus and iSQL*Plus —

Your ability to debug procedures, triggers, and functions just got a huge boost. To see how this works I have created a table function and executed it within an Oracle 9i environment and then within an Oracle 10g environment. Please enable Javascript in your browser, before you post the comment! Now Javascript is disabled. You have characters left.


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