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An Austrian philosopher who founded the Intercultural Documentation Center in Mexico, Ivan Illich was known as a “maverick social critic” of contemporary. CIASP Canada – This talk was delivered on the evening of Saturday April 20 at St . Mary’s Lake of the Woods Seminary in Niles (Chicago). Austrian philosopher Ivan Illich, who was also a Roman Catholic priest, was Titled “To Hell with Good Intentions,” Illich discusses the deep.

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To Hell with Good Intentions by Ivan Illich

This text version of the speech was scanned from an original mimeograph distributed to Conference participants on the following day. And you will know when you fail.

As time allows, work through the small group discussions with students. There exists the argument that some returned volunteers have gained insight into illlich damage they have done to others – and thus become more mature people. I do have deep faith in the enormous good will of the U. All you will do in a Mexican village tk create disorder. But increasingly this commercial alliance must be protected by illivh which allow the minority who can “make it” to protect their acquisitions and achievements.

Ask what they will be doing differently now that they have participated in this particular service-learning program and how they will continue to engage in service now that they are back, whether on campus or in the local community.

Ce site utilise des cookies. Avertissez-moi par e-mail des nouveaux articles. In recent years, there has been astonishing growth in international programming that embeds service-learning or some form of community engagement.

I WILL be able to help…. In the conversations which I have had today, I was impressed by two things, and I want to state them before I launch into my prepared talk.


Danland theme modification by Vaughan A. And you will know when you fail.

“To Hell With Good Intentions” – Addressing Volunteerism – The Intag Project

How odd that nobody ever thought about spending money to educate poor Mexicans in order to prevent them from the culture shock of meeting you?

I think untentions the idea is of service leadership is good; one illihc all members are encouraged to participate and communicate. Then, a minority of that minority goes on for university training. Of course, this surprising conviction was supported by members of a missionary order, who would have no reason to exist unless they had the same conviction – except a much stronger one. This last possibility is only open to those who do not listen, or who cannot understand me.

I do not intentuons with this argument. Initiate a discussion with the students by posing various questions about the upcoming service-learning program. In Mexicoit is a tiny elite. It is now high time to cure yourselves of this.

I am here to tell you, if possible to convince you, and hopefully, to stop you, from pretentiously imposing yourselves on Mexicans. Select students to read aloud each passage. Are materials are being brought with the group and at what cost or bought locally?

Intellectual insight into the difficulties of fruitful volunteer action had intention sobered the spirit of Peace Corps Papal-and-Self-Styled Volunteers. There is an Irish saying that the iklich to hell is paved with good intentions: Based on the discussion-based activity and the reading of Ivan Illich, each student should submit a page reflection paper prior to departure addressing one of the following questions:.

In Chicago, poverty funds, the police force and preachers seem to be no more successful in their efforts to check the unwillingness of the black community to wait for graceful integration into the system. Anybody in this country who did not finish high school is considered underprivileged. Often time histories differ between cultures because each culture views situations in context with their own beliefs and ideals. Goals of a project should always be created collaboratively ontentions the community and fully based off of what the community deems important to them and their idea of self-development.


How can I avoid intention

Lessons I Learned

And maybe then, just then, after I had heard this Illich speech in person, and listened to his passion for these words, would I have been able to walk away, having learned these lessons without living them. Now, it is among the members of this middle class that you will find a few people who are willing to waste their time with you.

In IARDwe are extremely lucky to have partnerships within the Intag region of Ecuador in which we will be working closely with in order to develop a project gkod they deem most beneficial. To hell with good intentions. And it is profoundly damaging to ivvan when you define something that you want to do as “good,” yood “sacrifice” and “help.

Also it is important to acknowledge the potential power dynamics that may be formed between yourself and those of different backgrounds and to be able to understand where the assumed power may stem from, whether it is a result of a presumed educational gap or differing social status.