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Putin’s Favorite Philosopher Discusses Fascism (Ivan Ilyin) This Russian Philosopher Believed Russia Was Made Great by Its Orthodox Faith (Ivan Ilyin). The Russian president’s favourite thinker is Ivan Ilyin, one of the intellectuals the Bolsheviks deported on one of the “philosophers’ ships” in. Who is Ivan Ilyin, and why is Putin so indebted to this marginalized Russian figure?

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Along with many other intellectuals he generally approved of it. It seems to me that when writing about llyin subject like Russian conservatism as with just about anythingthere are two approaches one can take.

Martin Heidegger was one of the most influential philosophers of the twentieth century, but he was also at one point a member of the Nazi Party. Ilyin’s position was different from that of many Russian jurists, who disliked Germany and Tsarist Russia equally. Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved kvan moving his remains back to Russia, and in consecrated his grave.

Leontiev, Ilyin, and Gumilev receive very different treatment, with Eltchaninoff taking care to emphasize the anti-Western and illiberal parts of their philosophies.

He was at heart a monarchist, and felt that post-communist Russia would be so intellectually and morally bankrupt that it would not be capable of sustaining a democratic order.

Rather, what exercises me is the assumption underlying his argument, namely that if someone quotes somebody who at some point said something else which was distasteful, then the person doing the quoting obviously shares that distasteful opinion in full. Given the interest that my previous posts about Ilyin have generated, it is worth looking at this in some depth.


He was an utter opponent of any war in general but believed that since Russia had already been involved in the war, the duty of every Russian was to support his country. Novgorodtsev offered Ilyin to lecture on theory of general law at Moscow Commerce Institute.

According to Snyder Ivan Ilyin was born in Moscow in an aristocratic family that claimed Rurikid descent. In my last post, I said that the ideas ivam Eurasianism and Alexander Dugin were just several among many influencing Russian policy makers, and even then in a highly bowdlerized way.

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Moreover, this thesis has an overtly political purpose. It will also be total rubbish.

Inhe was eventually expelled among some prominent intellectuals, on the so-called ” philosophers’ ship “. To make it work, he picks only those bits of evidence which suit his purpose and fills out his analysis with salacious allegations Ilyin was a fan of psychoanalysis, had peculiar ideas about sexual perversion, was rabidly anti-Semitic, etc. Vladimir Putin cites Ilyin; Ilyin was a fascist; therefore Putin and the regime he leads are fascist. On the first day official propaganda suggested that the Russian missile attack on the Malaysian plane had in fact been a bodged attempt by Ukrainian forces to assassinate Putin himself; by day two, Russian TV was promoting the idea that the CIA had sent a ghost plane filled with corpses overhead to provoke Russian forces.


Operative in the Kremlin.

Ivan Ilyin – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 19 Octoberat Timothy Snyder is professor of history at Yale. Poetry Free Audio Books: During his life he refused to publish his major work About the Essence of Conscience of Law and continued to rewrite it.

Ilyin developed his concept of the conscience of law for more than 20 years until his death. The actions of your enemy which justify your actions are always at least partly your fault, as there is always something you could have done to prevent them. He deals with the first three very differently from the last three. Ilyin was a monarchist.

In such situations, the use of force is a moral obligation. The jurist Carl Schmitt has become increasingly popular in academic works in the past decade. This greatly over-inflates its importance. I am far more pacifistic. Ilyin generally disapproved of the Russian Revolution of and did not participate actively in student political actions.

The New York Times. Click here to cancel reply.

Facing this creative task, appeals of foreign parties to formal democracy remain naive, light-minded and irresponsible.

He authored several articles about Ilyin and came up with the idea of iivan his remains from Switzerland to the Donskoy Monastery in Moscowwhere the philosopher had dreamed to find his last retreat.