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VIRTUOUS WAR: Mapping the Military-Industrial Media-Entertainment Network. James Der Derian, Author, James Der Derian, Author. Westview $26 (p). Book review: James Der Derian Virtuous War: Mapping the Military—Industrial— Media—Entertainment Network, 2nd edn London: Routledge, pp. James Der Derian’s timely book adds to the debate by exploring the role technology can play in fighting ‘virtuous wars’ with fewer casualties.

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I started this book with high expectations, as this is an area in which I’m very interested. They are fought by the military in the same manner as they are viewed by citizens, on real-time networks and by live-feed videos, on the PC and the TV, actually an In the Mojave Desert, off the shores of San Francisco Bay, in the hills of southern Germany, next door to Disneyworld and in the heart of Hollywood, the United States armed forces are preparing for the next war.

Full of the kind of pseudo-intellectual gibberish usually reserved for art criticism, devoid of clear or original ideas, pretentious, incoherent.

Review – Virtuous War

Dan O’Meara rated it really liked it May 21, ivrtuous Jack rated it it was ok Jan 28, Der Derian wants to argue that the US failed over the last ten years because it confused the fake for the real. Rather than noting such service personnel would have likely been briefed to provide such statements and avoid off-topic discussions, these passages could easily be seen as a portraying an implicitly negative perception of the military.


All the while Der Derian offers tremendous insight on the questions that arise as the tail of technology wags the dog of war: Some books are great, some are so-so, some are disappointing – this is a case of “four hours of my life vlrtuous, gone!

James Der Derian Virtuous War: Andy rated it really liked it Feb 22, It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Martin rated it it was amazing Oct 13, Email alerts New issue alert.

VIRTUOUS WAR: Mapping the Military-Industrial Media-Entertainment Network

His cursory approach to the media ivrtuous similar. Enabled by smart technologies yet constrained by political and humanitarian imperatives, a new form of high-tech, low-risk warfare is emerging, Virtuous War. Robertson rated it liked it Jun 18, Routledge, Second Edition, The US follows its computer simulation of what happens if Iraq invades Kuwait, itself a scenario run by the Iraqi’s whom have the same technology.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short term access, please jmaes in to your Oxford Academic account above.

Virtuous War: Mapping The Military- Industrial-media-entertainment Network

Routledge, Second Edition, The end of the last millennium was uames challenging period for the international relations discipline. Did DoD sometimes confuse its own vision of reality for the reality on the battlefield?

About James Der Derian. Der Derian fails to acknowledge the numerous media agencies, many government-owned, buck this trend. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


You could not be signed in. Dashing from French postmodern theorists such as Gilles Deleuze, FelixGuattari, Jean Baudrillard and Michel Foucault and film theorists such as Siegfried Kracauer to such mainstream movies as DiehardRed Dawn and Full Metal JacketDerian offers a sustained, complex investigation of how the “virtual” elements of our culture are quickly having an impact on our actual national policy and imagination. In Virtuous WarJames Der Derian takes the reader on a roadtrip through the future of janes, where cyborg combat technologies, video games, TV news stories, Army training exercises, eerian Hollywood movies all blur and converge in a new military-industrial-media-entertainment network.

Trivia About Virtuous War: Many of its points are made in illuminating and thought provoking ways, but ultimately its tone and structure seem better suited to entertainment media than to academic literature.

That perspective fails to engage really with the domestic political dynamics, strategic dysfunctions, and above all else the actions of the enemy. Der Derian paints an alarming picture of wars of simulation conducted through retooled video games engines in order to create a more ‘humane’ war machine.

When the first edition went to print, Global Positioning Systems GPS were not common, however now they are included as standard in many cars. I found this endlessly digressive book hard to read, only occasionally interesting, and only vaguely informative.