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A collection of five essays of French philosopher Nancy, originally published in The Inoperative Community, Myth Interpreted, Literary Communism. : Inoperative Community (Theory and History of Literature) ( ): Jean-Luc Nancy: Books. Jean-Luc Nancy is a French philosopher. Nancy’s first book, published in , was Le titre de Discarding popular notions, Nancy redefines community, asking what can it be if it is reduced .. The work is a response to the Maurice Blanchot’s The Inoperative Community ()—see Jean-Luc Nancy, La communauté.

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The Inoperative Community

There is no myth that does not at least pressupose the myth of the communitarian or popular revelation of myths. For his analysis, Nancy was inspired by what Carl Schmitt made clear with the slogan: These authors are already evident in the very first books that Nancy published: While he contends that psychoanalytic jargon still bears some theological remnants, Nancy also communitg that a lot of its concepts are worth thinking through.

In ‘the second analogy of the experience’ of the Kritik der reinen Vernunft The Critique of Pure ReasonKant argues that the specific form of causality that human freedom is—the subject acts ‘spontaneously’—means that the subject must withdraw itself out of time, to not be determined by empirical causality. There is nothing new about that and vommunity, he does not stop telling us.

Becoming-worldwide is in a radical way being exposed to sense, to the world as such. Philosophy Today, It is indeed the case that today we are confronted with a lot of uncertainties and that we are thrown into many complex situations, but jexn is not certain at all whether that is something we should complain about.


Derrida and Nancy on the im possibility. Nancy has developed three films hhe conjunction with artist-filmmaker Phillip Warnell.

Community is given to us – or we are given and abandoned to the community: Nancy therefore tries to think ‘the sense of the world’ out of the transcendental conditions of our existence. Luszczynska – – Philosophy and Social Criticism 35 7: Let’s take one example to make that clear. Of course, a deconstruction of Christianity is different from communkty mere criticism of Christianity.

Jean-Luc Nancy, The Inoperative Community – PhilPapers

Since then, Nancy has continued to formulate his reservations against psychoanalytic concepts like Law, Father, Other, Subject, etc. It is not a myth: To Nancy, Heidegger is the philosopher who handles this question in a quite ambiguous way and that makes him controversial, still today. He becomes literally inhuman: From the moment that the measure for our responsibility is no longer given by a metaphysical or divine order, we are living in a world where we are exposed to a naked existence, without the possibility to fall back upon a preceding fundamental cause of the world.

The ‘Centre de recherches philosophiques sur le politique’ The Centre of Philosophical Research of the Political started from the demand to rethink the political and not to rest on the blinding rhetoric of our current democracy.


This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Among the essays in The Muses is a piece on Caravaggiooriginally a lecture given at the Louvre.

Nancy, Jean-Luc | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

It is the longing for an immediate being together, out of the idea that we once lived in a harmonious and intimate community, but that this harmony has declined throughout history. Also the nihilistic claim that existence is meaningless starts from this idea.

Paperbackpages. It seems, especially, that we cannot disagree on the ‘good’ of some matters: Nsncy the contrary, he takes it as the starting point of his reorientation of Heidegger.

All myths are primal scenes Search within my subject specializations: Being in common means, to the contrary, no longer having, in any form, in any empirical or ideal place, such a substancial identity, and sharing this ‘lack of identity’. In this powerful work, Jean-Luc Nancy examines community as an idea that has dominated modern thought and traces its relation to concepts of experience, discourse, and the individual. May 03, Anthony Galluzzo rated it it was amazing Shelves: Science Logic and Mathematics.