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Natural magick by John Baptista Porta, a Neapolitane: in twenty books: wherein are set forth all the riches and delights of the natural sciences. By John Baptista Porta. Magia Naturalis (in English, Natural Magic) is a work of popular science first published in Naples in Its twenty books include. Giambattista della (John Baptist) Porta (?), was a A Table Containing the General Heads of Natural Magick ยท “Preface To BY John Baptista Porta.

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Renew the waved marks of Damask Knives that are worn out. To make the Face green.

Oyl of Roses, and Citron-Flowers. To catch a Pollard or Cupito. A sweet Water of Storax, Benjamin, and Labdanum. May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. To see in a plain Glass that which appears no where. An Almond without a shell. The Face white, clear, ruddy and soft. That all things shall seem greater. The temper baptistaa Iron for Wood. That a Dog may not run. An Almond should grow with an inscription in it. How to make Leeks grow greater.


Sharp and sowre Pomgranate-trees may be made to bring forth a sweet Pomegranate: Salt of Pellitory of Spain.

To part silver from brass. Chesnuts may be preserved.

Natural Magick in Twenty Books, Free PDF | Global Grey

That by night an Image may seem to hang in a Chamber. Part Gold from a vessel of Natudal. How a Hog may be rosted, and boiled, all at once.

How to catch Partridge. To separate gold from silver Cups that are gilded: How all things that are shut up, may be preserved for many years. A Cherry-tree may bring forth fruit without any stone within. Oyl out of the Sanguine-Tree. Facsimile including the images in the original book. Against the bitings of Vipers. The operations of a Convex Cylindrical Glass.

Natural Magick

Gun-powder that shall make a great noise, and do much service. A remedy for the Sciatica. That Salt-flesh should be made fresh. To catch a Scarus or Gilthead. That his hands may grow black when he wipes of the Napkin.


Monsters in Birds may be more easily produced. How a dead Carcase may be preserved. Naturak and Pulse have been laid up in vessels, and so preserved for a long time: In a dark night read a letter by a Lenticular Crystal: To make Hens tender. To make Smalt of two colours. Endive to grow white. Oyl of Acorns of the Oak. Figs may be kept in the leaves of Vervine without putretude. To read letters in a mwgick night. Grapes that they may last long. The operations of a Pyramidal Glass turned.

Apples being shut up close, and then put into Cisterns, will last long. Basic Books, Third printing of this new facsimile edition of Porta’s book, from the edition, part of the Collector’s Series of Science edited by Derek Price of Yale University.