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The latest Tweets from John Swartzwelder (@JJSwartzwelder). Comedy writer ( Simpsons, SNL), home run hitter (Safeco Field, Cheney Stadium), novelist (all. About John Swartzwelder: American absurd satirical novelist and former writer of the animated comedy show The Simpsons Swartzwelder won an Emmy Award. It’s at this point we should also probably note that it’s rumored that the character of Ron Swanson was supposedly based on John Swartzwelder.

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John Joseph Swartzwelder, Jr. Born in Seattle, WashingtonSwartzwelder began his career working in advertising.

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He was later hired to work on comedy series Saturday Night Live in the mids as a writer. He later contributed to fellow writer George Meyer ‘s short-lived Army Man magazine, which led him to join the original writing team of The Simpsonsbeginning in He worked on The Simpsons as a writer and producer untiland later contributed to The Simpsons Movie. He is credited with writing the largest number of Simpsons episodes 59 full episodes, with contributions to several others by a large margin.

He has written more than eleven novels, the most recent of which, Burly Go Homewas published in Swartzwelder is revered among comedy fans; his colleagues have called him among the best comedy writers. He is famously averse to press.

Downey described Swartzwelder’s interview as “one of the most spectacularly awful in history,” as it consisted of him entering David Letterman ‘s office without permission, and discussing the state of television that it was “all shit” whilst smoking and drinking. To me, the quintessential Army Man joke was one of John Swartzwelder’s: Why can’t they make a cup of coffee that tastes good? It’s illuminating because it’s kind of how Americans see things: Life’s a big jumble, but somehow it leads to something I can consume.

Bywith the show’s sixth seasonSwartzwelder was granted a special dispensation and allowed not to attend rewrite sessions with the rest of the staff, instead being allowed to send drafts of his scripts in from home so other writers could revise them as they saw fit.


This was a direct result of Swartzwelder’s avid smoking coming into conflict with a newly implemented policy banning smoking in the writers’ room. InSwartzwelder created and produced his own pilot presentation for Fox titled Pistol Petewhich was designed to spoof western films.

Fox eventually passed on the pilot. According to Matt GroeningSwartzwelder used to write Simpsons episodes while sitting in a booth at a coffee shop “drinking copious amounts of coffee and smoking endless cigarettes”. When California passed an anti-smoking law, Swartzwelder bought the diner booth and installed it in his house, allowing him to continue his process in peace.

John Swartzwelder – Wikisimpsons, the Simpsons Wiki

At 59 episodes, Swartzwelder has been credited with writing more episodes than anybody else. Ina children’s book written in the late s by Swartzwelder and illustrated by David Schutten was published by Green House Books. Swartzwelder has been referred to as a staunch libertarianas well as a “hard-core conservative. Swartzwelder is notoriously reclusive, and rarely, swartswelder ever, makes media appearances.

Sartzwelder has also famously not participated in any of the audio commentaries on The Simpsons DVD sets to date, despite being asked multiple times. Executive Producer David Mirkin once invited Swartzwelder to make a brief appearance in a prerecorded bit in which he would be swsrtzwelder if he wanted to take part, to which he would respond with “No” as an ironic punchline, but he refused. During the recording of the commentary for the ninth season episode, ” The Cartridge Family ,” show runner Mike Scully called Swartzwelder’s home on the phone.

After presumably speaking with him for a minute, the man on the other end of the phone says, “It’s too bad this really isn’t John Swartzwelder. Ina Twitter account for Swartzwelder appeared, and was subsequently confirmed to be an official account by several of his former Simpsons colleagues, including showrunner Al Jeanwriter Carolyn Omine and music editor Chris Ledesma.


Swartzwelder is revered among comedy fans.

John Swartzwelder – IMDb

Matt Selman wrote an article for Time about Swartzwelder, extolling him as “one of the greatest comedy minds of all time. He is the comedy writer whose words makes sic the best comedy writers in the world laugh out loud.

Swartzwelder has been animated in the background of several episodes of The Simpsons. His animated likeness closely resembles musician David Crosbywhich prompted Matt Groening to state that anytime that David Crosby appears in a scene for no apparent reason, it is really John Swartzwelder.

In addition to having his likeness animated into the show, various references to him have been slipped in, such swartzweldrr his name being used in “freeze frame” jokes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 12 October Poking a Dead Frog: City of WestminsterLondon: Archived from the original on 5 May I actually shared a room with this guy Seartzwelder Swartzwelder, a legendary Simpsons writer. Archived from the original on 1 December Archived from the original on October 5, Retrieved June 29, Archived from the original on 19 September Retrieved 14 January And Here’s the Kicker: Conversations with 21 Top Humor Writers.

Swxrtzwelder from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 28 Octoberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Swartzwelder in a staff photo for The Simpsons.

Television writernovelist. Observational humorsurreal humorblack comedydetective fictionabsurdism. The SimpsonsFrank Burly.

Appears as himself in episode hosted by John Lithgow. Unsold pilot for Fox Broadcasting Company.