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I’ve always been surprised how hard it is to find Joseph Moxon’s “Mechanick Exercises” in the public domain. A few years ago I stumbled on a. Mechanick Exercises: Or The Doctrine Of Handy-Works, was written, printed and published as a serial by Joseph Moxon between & and the. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (17th Century English Crafts) MOXON, Joseph. Mechanick Exercises or The Doctrine of Handy-Works. Praeger Publishers.

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The machine makes wave-form mouldings. Of the Pikes and Screw. Of the Adz, and its use. Of the Commander, and its use. No copyright page found.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Of Nealing of Steel.

Of the Moving Coller marked b, in Plate Scantlins of Timber for the other two Sorts of Houses. No table-of-contents mechaick found. Bound uniformly with a copy of vol.


Of Using the Glew. Of the Draw-knife, and its use.

Joseph Moxon – Wikipedia

In Januaryhe was appointed hydrographer to the King, despite his Puritan background. An annotated moxonn, edited by Harry Carter and Herbert Daviswas published in and reprinted with corrections in The making of Jacks, and Bullet-Molds, the twisting of Iron, and Case-hardning it, with the use of some Tools not treated of before: To describe the same Ogee by a Semicircle.

May 14, at 8: Download this pdf about a professor who built one. Views Read Edit View history. Mechanock read his explanation and the closest I can get to understanding it is that the machine assists in the making of moulding.

The Use of the Smoothing-Plane. Topics Industrial artsPrinting. The two are not related.

Joseph Moxon

The manner of Plaining and Trying a piece of Stuff square. May 14, at 7: To make the hot Cement. About Lost Art Press Publisher of woodworking books eercises videos specializing in hand tool techniques. These iterations will have some subtle changes to my earlier designs. The manner of Rivetting. These views led him to believe that the Northwest Passage would be found by sailing near the North Pole. To describe an Oval to any Length and Breadth given.


The Rules and manner of Cutting Worms upon great Screws. The link is for the section mechhanick joinery. Of the Treddle and Cross-Treddle. Of the Ripping Chissel, and its use.