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: The Threshold of the Visible World (): Kaja Silverman: Books. The Threshold of the Visible World advances a revolutionary new political aesthetic–Kaja Silverman explores the possibilities for looking beyond the restrictive. Kaja Silverman. Routledge: London and New York, March ISBN 0 (Hbk) 0 (Pbk). The Threshold of the Visible World by Kaja.

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It is this redemptive transforma- tion Francis seeks when civilization and the family as he has constructed them break down” pp. Ths conception of the image as relay implicitly designates the psyche as the mirror of the social; far more problematically, it also reduces the social to a mirror of the psyche. Leigh rated it liked it Mar 28, Silverman explores the conscious and unconscious circumstances under which such acts of violence might be undone, and the look induced to see and affirm what is abject, and alien to itself.

In Reel to Real, the appeal is explicit; the “avant-garde” or “experimental” film constitutes “a necessary ma- trix of critical possibility,” hooks contends p. Ben rated it it was ok Jul 03, I would argue that the other as subject is unknown to us-precisely to the extent that the dominant culture has muted her, stripped her of the authority to sigrufy the mean- ing and the value of her own existence.

The threshold of the visible world – Kaja Silverman – Google Books

Several essays in Reel to Real pursue ths critique sorld hooks’s usual, unerring silferman for the banality of the self-consciously hp. Addie Tsai rated it it was amazing May 23, Susannah Radstone – – Cultural Values 5 1: Cathy rated it liked it Aug 01, This form of intervention brackets any investigation of the broader institutional context in which oppositional cinema be- comes possible.

University of Minnesota Press, One might suppose that Kaia Silverman’s latest highly theoretical venture into the psychoanalytics of film shares with bell hooks’s resolutely plain-talking and methodologically eclectic book of film commentaries at most a thematic concern with the cultural work of the visual image.


Sign in Create an account. Denise rated it really liked it Aug 31, Kristen rated it it was amazing May 25, Movement and Image in the Psychological Laboratory. However disparate the rhetoric of these recent books, both Silverman and hooks name as their motivating critical impulse a certain dissatisfaction with de- constructive approaches to gender and race that envision no sus- tainable alternatives to the henceforth deconstructed status quo. Benefits the Friends of the Richmond Sillverman Library.

It is not my in- tention to suggest that feminist film studies, to be valuable, must necessarily focus on the global dimensions of contemporary image culture; certainly, few of us writing on film today have the breath of interdisciplinary expertise evident in Shohat and Stam’s Unthinking Eurocentricism: Cisible Excellent customer service.

Minkah rated it really liked it Apr 21, Caterina Fake rated it it was amazing Sep 27, This is so because the concept of alternative cultural production no longer signifies anythg but a relative degree of autonomy from the pre- rogatives of corporate capital-if, indeed, it ever did signify more. And yet, as we move from the culture of images to the “domain of intersubjective relations,” isn’t it precisely the assur- ance of the other’s “familiarity” that we lose and the prerogative of knowing her desires and her sufferings that we forfeit?

Leaving aside the more obvious objections to this reading of the film-given Sera’s subsequent rape, it seems odd to assert that women’s sexual self-determination has been secured “in modem societyn-I would stress what hooks’s paradigm makes so lumi- nously, if uncritically, clear: New York and London: In particular, they stress, Hollywood cinema is open to resignifica- tion by the differential practices of consumption withn specific local, national, and geopolitical arenas.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. May have page creases, creased spine, bent cover or markings inside.


Mary Ann Doane, Femmes Fatales: That has to be the next stage of hhreshold. Chloe rated it really liked it Jun 26, Since the early s, Silverman’s im- pressive body of work has traced the unconscious of the cinemat- ic text and in so doing sought to refine and elucidate the value of psychoanalysis as a reading protocol.

The Threshold of the Visible World

What is the relation of the racial imapary to the organization of the disseminating media? Yet at the same time, the functioning of the social apparatus is subordinated to the vision of the canny subjectlartist. Trivia About The Threshold of Starting from the premise that cinema’s “identificatory ‘lure’.

This book thus seeks to apprehend the field of vision through the frame of a different kind of bodily ego, and discover the pleasures thresshold be derived from corporeal transport. Linking Benjamin’s notion of the aura with Brecht’s notion of alienation, she articulates an entirely new set of formal parameters for political representation. Whereas Silverman recommends travel to those historically ac- counted subjects, in other words, hooks supports films which val- idate the transgressive desires and imaginative breakthroughs of the historically “othered”: Silverman’s deploy- ment of the concept thus significantly, if tacitly, departs from Benjamin’s.

It is this letting go that makes it possible for her to be re- deemed.

Near Fine Clean unopened copy. The Edge of Liminality. To love she must let go.

Jeff Malpas – manuscript. Directories Courses Discussion Groups. As Silverman succintly puts it, these figures represent “the otherness of the desired self. Paperbackpages.

See bell hooks, Black Looks: Judith Butler’s Politcizing of Psychoanalytical Theory.