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On the other hand our experiments seem to prove, that the femoral head spongi’osa tolerates such tensions without being destroyed. La vis, que l’on a remarque sur rehabilitasynu radiographies fut enlevee de l’interieur Fig.

Thus, we may be able to save so n. The patients are immobilized in a halo apparatus for a period of four months post-operatively. No avascular necrosis occured in these paralytic dislocations. Mais si vous les trouvez alors il se pose le probleme au point de vue de la diagnose exacte surtout en cas ou l’hematome est volumineux, car il peut resembler a une phlegmone profonde du cou avec toutes les consequences resultant d’une telle diagnostique faute.

The age range was from eight to twenty five years. In conclusion various methods of treatment, the importance of early diagnosis and treatment were discussed. In spite of the shell-like rarified greater trochanter seen with some prostheses, 1 have never seen a fracture occur there, but this fracture should be anticipated. The indications for Periacetabular Triple Osteotomy are discussed. Nine of them were females. Presthetic arthroplasties for unusal bone diseases, such as, Gaucher’s, Paget’s Disease, Charcot joint due to syphilis or metastatic malignancies have been found acceptable to solve the patient’s problems for many years in some cases, but these procedures fall definitely into the category of a temporary expediency.

This deos not occur to such an extent when a cup is used for the arthroplasty, due to the necessity for the tension trabeculae remaining as a support to the femoral neck. The reconstructed glenoid provides a rigid anterior support for the humeral head however lax and damaged the anterior soft tissues might be. Le temps postoperatoire sous antibiotherapie resta sans complications et la plale cicatrisa primairement. Au dessus de la tumefaction on ausculte un bruit systolique, mais les pulsations ne sont pas visibles ni palpable.


Psychology schacter gilbert wegner ebook

Occoslonally the symptoms may be troublesome for a week or two, only to disappear as some minor adjustment within the body takes place. As can be seen, developing technology effects human behavior and this same human being is most often killed or disabled as a resurt of this effect.

Among the craniocerebrale traumas and other trauma complications, sensitive and motor palsy, epilepsy, meningitis, psychological complications, changing of character, impotence can be mentioned.

With the exception of the Vienna Orthopaedic Hospital his method was never widely accepted in tha past. However, arthrodesis of the wrist is always postponed until all soft tissue procedures have been performed and adolescence is reached.

A l’exception d’un cas, les malades qui entrent dans le cadre de ce groupe ont tous completement gueri. Complications of manipulation in general Complication Number of Cases Fr. Le troisieme cas, au moment de l’admission a la Clinique, avait un petit hematome pulsatif en phase d’organisation fibrosante, chez lequel, ainsi que chez les autres cas d’une anevrisme deja formee, le diagnostic topique fut pose apres l’arteriographie.

Experimental device to find out how high axial pressure must be to provide optimal mechanical stillness in the break gasp.

Le garcon a des troubles de respiration et de deglutition, se pleint de cephalee et de vertiges. The bone black method for recurrent dislocation of the shoulder joint. To light up the question of maximal tension stress in the femoral head spongiosa we used a special screw. The thumb cannot be actively moved from its position in the palm Fig. Our cases, therefore do represent a negative selection of relativeIy old and problematic cases In this situation a diminished growth potential of the acetabular root can be assumed and the postoperative development of the acetabulum cannot be taken as a measure of success of the operation.


Calam̩o РAkdeniz

The cettling downward of the prosthesis within the femoral shaft in osteoporosis is the greatest problem that needs rehaiblitasyonu be solved. One of these showed an obvious fracture of the anterior glenoid margin Fig. Summary The technique of LUDLOFF’s operation for open reduction in congenital dislocation of the hip, using an anterior approach from the frog pasition is described.

We have seen several severe intrusions that occurred after falls in the early days following presthetic insertion. We can see that, orthopaedics, which dealt with body deformities, bone tuberculosis and paralysis mostly, now turned most of its attention to traumatology.

He had an attempted twolevel anterior fusion with iliac bone plugs, which we do not, advocate for this type of case. Dans la technique operatoire nous avons toulours employe le surjet continue, dons les avantages sont indemnes, car une suture bien posee, apres une circulati’on reetablie, est toujours adequate et egalement poussee, et une hemorragie sur place de la suture est artrollasti moins grave q.

Lors de l’auscultation, on entend un bruit systolique net. Matarial Twenty-three successive cases of recurrent anterior dislocation of the shoulder were treated by this operation.

Reduction was accomplished in each case and there were no redislocations; or postoperative contractures.