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Patriarchal bargain is a term coined by Turkish author and researcher Deniz Kandiyoti in , which describes a tactic in which a woman chooses to. In this article, according to Kandiyoti, there are two systems of male dominance. These are the sub-Saharan African pattern and classic patriarchy. May 4, Bargaining With Patriarchy. Article (PDF Available) in Cite this publication. Deniz Kandiyoti at SOAS, University of London ยท Deniz Kandiyoti.

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The veiling of women such as purdah and other similar things causes more women’s subordination and their economic dependence on men. This thesis investigates how young married women in rural Sindh commonly strategize and negotiate with patriarchy.

This post was written by a Feministing Community user and does not necessarily reflect the views of any Feministing columnist, editor, or executive director. In African kinship system, there are important differences with respect to marriage forms, residence, descent, and inheritance rules.

Sons are a woman’s most important resource, older women want primary loyalty lifelong from their sons. Among the Arabs, there is much mutuality among affines, and a women’s natal family play an active role to protecting their married wiyh honor and also it means their honor.

Also money or goods brought by women goes directly to the relatives of the groom. Your donation is much appreciated, and much needed. Jamie Phlegar Jamie Phlegar. Shortly, the insecurities of African polygyny balancing with their areas of relative autonomy to maximize.


Click here to sign up. According to Kay Ann Johnson, there is an ironic situation in here. After the s, suicide rates become high in women over the age of Between June and September ofI conducted fieldwork in six different villages in Khairpur district using observation, interviews with women aged between years and kandiyoto focus group discussions.

Moreover, the moral order patrriarchy classic patriarchy, also men dominate to women and old dominate to young depend on the economic situation.

The key to the reproduction of classic patriarchy, lies in the functioning of the patriarchal extended family. Also, economic hardship and insecurity makes life more difficult. Women want to maximize their autonomy in the African context. For this, it is important to fulfillment of mutual expectations. If women are totally dependent on their husbands, bargainning causes very little to gain and a lot to lose to them.

This struggle causes to the detriment of the heterosexual bond, but the generally patterns are quite similar. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Feministing is a labor of love and all our staff have other full-time jobs to support their work on the site. Also, women can have their power and autonomous areas in this system. They seens to their wives like unremunerated labor, and problems seemed develop.


Patriarchal bargain – Wikipedia

They adopt interpersonal strategies based on managing the affections of sons and husbands to ensure their safety. Their relative financial privilege may shield them from the some of the most brutal consequences of patriarchy, but it cannot shield them from its critical eye. Wiith their protests, wives are protect already their existing spheres of autonomy.

The consequences of their bargain are not the same as women in a more precarious situation, but they still exist. There is a sharp increase. Their original feelings of elation transformed into anger, disappointment, and disgust. Arab women are relieved with the endogamy and with protection of their own families in a sense.

Bargaining with patriarchy.

Log In Sign Up. Women traps are patriaarchy their own hands. One problem with patriarchal bargains is that they pressure women into internalizing patriarchal ideologies and, thus, either knowingly or unknowingly recreating patriarchy every day.

According to Wolf, the reason for this change is independence of the sons and they can choose their wives without supervision of family. False consciousness just associated with the socialization process.