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In the Wavestation EX, also called EXK-WS, was released (pictured above). The EX added Sending Sysex Files From PC To Korg Wavestation A/D. View and Download Korg Wavestation player’s manual online. Wavestation Electronic Keyboard pdf manual download. View and Download Korg Wavestation service manual online. Wavestation Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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If you have a single-oscillator Structure there can be no mixture, so the mix envelope screen is not available.

You’ll get an “Are you sure? Each Bank holds 32 Wave Sequences, for a total of Part 1 would be the lowest range, and Part 5 the highest. The simplest answer is that Performances are the highest level of sound control in the Wavestation.

When data is received in each channel, the asterisk under its number appears. All other servicing should be referred to qualified service personnel. An occasional downward-pointing arrow in the upper right hand comer reminds you when a parameter Ust can be scrolled downwards. Flip the switch on the back of the card before attempting to wwvestation to it and remember to flip it back after you’re done!

Thus, even with only one Patch, up to four of these wave “songs” can play simultaneously during a single note.

When a parameter value field is selected, it appears in reverse video white on black. It’s much more convenient to be able to select a single sx on the controller to set up all of the modules at once. This includes the configuration of FXl and FX2 series or parallelthe routing of Parts through or bypassing FXl and FX2, and the mixing and assignment of Parts and Effects outputs to the four back-panel audio jacks.


A negative amount moves the mix from right to left or wet to dry. As you select different programs, youH find that the korh vary wavesstation to the program type. Stereo playback is highly recommended. To program the Wavestation you need to be aware of this signal flow. Part 1 would sound fromPart 2 fromand so on. In general, if a Performance calls for some CARD resources which aren’t there, it doesn’t play that resource.

With a two- oscillator structure, only the A-C mix is available. Your audio system is as crucial to your sound as violin or guitar bodies are to those korv.

For more about waves, please see Wabestation 8. When you power up the Wavestation, it will remember the Performance that you had selected before last turning it off.

These are designated Controller 1 and 2. A more elegant method is to leave the programs in the same location, but to map incoming MIDI program changes to select different program numbers. Each of these modules can be separately preset by Macros, Macros allow you to quickly make broad changes in a Patch, without having to adjust individual parameters. To hear an individual Patch you can: Negative values cause the oscillator to inversely track the keyboard.


As shown in the display page above, all Parts are set to a maximum velocity ofbut each Part is assigned an increasingly higher minimum velocity. Brukt batteri returneres apparatleverand 0 ren.


It also lets you stretch or shrink the overall time of a Wave Sequence. For example, if the sound has a slow attack, the percussive amplifier Macros won’t be very effective. In addition to the features listed above, the Mix Envelope may be looped between various points, using either forward only or forward wavesration backward looping.


To clear this problem, make sure all inconung cables are solidly connected, and adjust the Wavestation back into range by re-centering the external controller’s wheel. The total Wave Sequence Step memory per bank is steps, for a total of The Wavestation opens up a vast new expanse of sounds waiting to be realized.

Use this and the following tree charts to keep your bearings throughout the tours. Suppose, for instance, that you wanted to send out a MIDI program change 14 to set up a system to play electric piano, acoustic bass, strings, and synth brass. Generally, any action that alters memorized data needs to be confirmed.

By layering Patches in Performance mode, you can play up to 32 different Wave Sequences simultaneously. They show you where to make some of the most kogr and useful custom settings. This can be especially useful for repetitive tasks or frequently-used adjustments. Values can be numbers, but they are just as often options described by words.