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La Caverna De Las Ideas/ The Cave of Ideas by Jose Carlos Somoza, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Be the first to ask a question about The Athenian Murders .. La caverna de las ideas ist bislang das einzige Buch, das ich von Somoza gelesen habe, und so. The Athenian Murders is an historical mystery novel written by Spanish author José Carlos Somoza. Originally published in Spain under the title La caverna de las ideas (The Cave of Ideas) in , it was translated into English in by Sonia Soto. The Athenian Murders is Somoza’s first novel to be published in English.

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The fictional translator the qualification was necessary, in deference to Spanish-to-English translator Sonia Soto of the fictional Caveena text was starting to cave in, so to speak. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Montalo himself had obsessed over the novel, hoping to find in it a proof of Plato’s Theory of Forms.

Mar 26, Rebecca added it Shelves: The Athenian Murders is filled with very clever ideas and twists — just the sort of thing we generally love. I will leave it up to you to read and find out. My preference of reading historical mysteries spurred me to read this story, but nothing prepared me for the twists and turns I have discovered within this pages.

I was a little disapponted to find, after some googling, that eidesis is not a real literary device, it was just made up by the author for this book. View all 3 comments. This conflict between the abstract “the cave of ideas” and the tangible is central to the novel — something Somoza, apparently unfamiliar with the concept of subtlety, sledgehammers home at every possible point. It’s interesting because the violent and repeated images of the eidesis left uneasy impressions on my mind, like the afterimages after seeing bright colors.


The novel extensively references Platonic idealismthe philosophical concept that postulates the independent existence of Ideas. Crantor, an errant philosopher and friend of Heracles, revealed a god-like being, the Translator. I enjoyed most of the book, except for some of the Ancient Greece scenes dee were longer than they needed to be. This is also the title of the book at the centre of the novel, called The Cave of Ideas in the English version.

The “Decipherer of Enigmas”, Heracles Pontor–note the similarity of name to a modern-day fictional detective [physical description is similar too]–and Diagoras, a philosophy teacher from Plato’s Academy, investigate murders.

Simply for pleasure, I conceive worlds that differ from this one, voices that speak from other times, past or future Wrong Publisher 3 16 Jun 12, I had issues especially concerning the language, because I read it I was handed this book by a friend and started reading it without knowing anything about it, not even having read the backcover. Als kurz zum Inhalt: Change language 2 14 Nov 11, I recommend this book highly, but don’t read it at night!

I’m quite disappointed that eidesis is not a real literary technique, but I’d probably get obsessed, just like the translator, if it was real. Plato’s Theory of Forms.

The Athenian Murders – Wikipedia

Paperbackpages. Refresh and try again. The murder mystery itself plods on. Some of this is very cleverly done, and the layers and layers of abstraction, reality, and interpretation that Somoza piles on are largely entertaining. Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs.

La Caverna De Las Ideas (Spanish, Paperback)

Cover photo 3 19 Jun 11, The title of the British and American editions is an embarrassment and the publishers should be ashamed of themselves. So there you have it, five out of five, let me rant in Greek about the annoying translator now.


What are they closing in on and will they survive if they find it? The translator is using the one known version of the text, which was prepared by a scholar named Montalo.

The Athenian Murders

For everything that exists there are three instruments by which knowledge of it is necessarily imparted; fourth, there is the knowledge itself, and, as fifth, we must count the thing itself which is known and truly exists. Surely there are still a few potential readers out there who get the Platonic allusion Pages to import images to Wikidata.

Other books in this series. In his family moved to Spain after being exiled for political reasons. I must make it clear, Plato, that I do not “see” the future: And that wouldn’t even suffice to somozs describe it.

Our intrepid duo sets out to solve all four murders. Mar 26, Eva Grace rated it liked it.

Their investigation takes them all over Athens, from mystery cult ls services to a symposium hosted by Plato. Somoza doesn’t have a delicate touch, and his footnote-writing translator doesn’t convince most of the time.

Though, the book within a book thing is nothing original The Solitaire Ka and Pale Fire being other examples of this sort of storybut the story is very well thought out and, I thought, executed well. It would be fun to look for eidetic images in books unless they have something to do with figs.

What a wonderful chance encounter it became.