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The Pasteurization of France, trans. A. Sheridan and J. Law, Cambridge Mass.: Harvard University Press, , BRUNO LATOUR The ‘Franslatcd by Aian Sheridan andjolin r^iw The Pasteurization of France Bruno Latour Translated by Alan Sheridan and John Law. The Pasteurization of France [Bruno Latour, Alan Sheridan, John Law] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What can one man accomplish.

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The immense trust in Pasteur derived partly from the work that he had done beforewhich did not concern infectious dis- eases, and partly from the social movement that needed these dis- coveries but went well beyond them without waiting for them to be made.

Pasteurism is an admirable example. James rated it really liked it Jun 28, To show that the sky holds up perfectly well on its own, we have to be able to prove in a particular scientific discipline that belief in the sciences, like the old belief in God, is a “superfluous hypothesis.

But his criticisms intersect with those of the “backward-looking” Peter. They all admitted that Pasteur did not do everything “alone,” but they quickly went back on this admission by supposing that Pasteur did everything “po- tentially” or that the rest was to be found in Pasteur’s ideas in potentia. Antisepsia and asepsia may develop without the knowledge of any particular microbe, with- out the culture, the attenuation in short, without anything to be found in the medical program of the Pasteurians.

Nov 05, Jerry Balzano marked it as shelved Shelves: It requires a force to fetch it, seize upon it for its own motives, move it, and often transform it. There are a number of reasons for believing that there is no better example than that of the revolution introduced into medicine, biology, and hygiene by the work of Louis Pasteur.

The Pasteurization of France by Bruno Latour

In other words, to explain the science of the Introduction 9 Pasteurians, we must describe it without resorting to any of the terms of the tribe. Indeed, this corruption of intentions had altogether too much the character of the “corruption of this world” for it not to be seen as inevitable. The hygienists were not alone in inventing new forces.


It seemed a later version to Anglophone audiences, because it was published in English after Science in Action, though it was actually written before that book. I must admit that there is no established stock of such concepts, especially not in the so-called human sciences, particularly sociology. The hygiene that took over the doctrine of microbes became stronger and simpler, more structured.

He does not base society on biology, like a vulgar contemporary; he redefines society itself, a society in which the new agents intervene now and at all points. Gexaedron rated it it was amazing Mar 31, Latour shows Pasteur’s efforts to win over the French public–the farmers, industrialists, politicians, and much of the scientific establishment. Other things are discussed, and the evidence presented does not come from his laboratory. Koch’s precautions weakened and interrupted the net- works that the hygienists wanted to extend and strengthen.

The Pasteurization of France

You organize a demonstration of Eskimos in the museum. This was the only way of creating the future conditions for the realization of an efficacious Pasteurism.

In a program laid out in advance, everything that was to happen was announced with a confidence that simply looked hke audacity, for here the oracle was pronounced by science itself, that is to say, it was the expression of a long series of experiments, of which the unvarying constancy of the results proved with absolute certainty the truth of the law discovered’ ‘ Bouley: Juan Berger rated it really liked it Oct 02, Life and good health were miracles, and neither the hygienists nor the doctors had much to do with them.

Here lies the problem: Off hygiene congresses were, like Bouchar- dat’s style, an attic in which everything was kept because sometime it might come in handy. The time that they made was now working for them. The first obscure, anony- mous collaborator was none other than Richet himself: Latour does not wish is simply impute a revolution to Pasteur C. On October 2, after Kutuzov had been pastekrization to act against his better judgment, his signed order kept being diverted.


This undertaking does not purport to add anything to the history of science, still less to the history of the nineteenth century.

The confidence in the “way laid down” by Pasteur must therefore derive from something other than the facts, hard facts. But the secondary mechanism attributes the whole of the sanitational revolution of the period paasteurization Pasteur’s genius.

It was difficult to arouse enthusiasm and sustain confidence in programs of reform and francf that all rested on this inconstant constant: No trivia or quizzes yet. The franc was of course important, but they will never be strong enough to control it entirely. Without replacing the armies, the battles, or even the commanding officers, they indicated or directed the blows. We may admit that in the technological or scientific fields a multitude of people is necessary to diffuse the discoveries made and the machines invented.

Even the human being is too narrow pasteurizatoon field; they must concern themselves also with air, light, heat, water, and the soil Trelat: Travis rated it it was amazing Jun 25, Antisepsia made this miracle possible: But because they acted in every direction, their views remained in dispute and were little obeyed.

So the primary mechanism was the same.