LBN 221-98 PDF

LBN 221-98 PDF

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By now, the domestic hot water (DHW) supply system has been organized in compliance with the Latvian building normative LBN „Buildings’ Internal. These Regulations shall affirm the Latvian Construction Standard LBN with the Latvian Construction Standard LBN “Internal Water Main and . Construction normative LBN “External network for water Construction normative LBN “Internal water and sewage water.

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Research Institute of the University of Central Florida. The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia. If pressure in the external water supply cannot ensure the operation of fire-extinguishing installations, pumps shall be installed for the starting of which the following shall be used:.

Number of people per 1 m of the width of the emergency route door if the volume of the hall is thousand m 3. Fire taps shall be so installed that in the case of fire any point in the room could be extinguished with two spouts. The methodology, which is in good agreement with the ideology of advanced management of DHS development, employs the ISO series of standards widely applied in the sphere of environment management.

Drencher devices shall be installed beneath the stage and proscenium fliesbeneath the lower work gallery level and the joints thereof, beneath the lower footpaths, as well as in the scenery safe and all stage passages including portal passages, pockets and proscenium and in the stage engine room. Issue 6-II Issue 6-I: This circumstance changes considerably the input data for calculation of DHS elements, making it possible to work out appropriate measures in order to improve the DHS efficiency through step-by-step replacement of the elements with high energy loss.


Dampers shall be installed for the main branch pipes having more than two fire taps. The Journals of Communal Services. In the work, experimental results are presented that have been obtained through monitoring the hot water consumption. Household and drinking water supply pumps shall be installed on a vibration-insulating base and separated from the supply pipes and the internal network with flexible spacers.

In order to be able to connect hoses of mobile fire-fighting pumps, two pipes shall be provided from the penstock between the pumps at the isolation device of the sprinkler and drencher devices the diameter of which shall be 80 mm and which shall be fitted with check valves and the standard connections of fire-fighting hoses. The results evidence that this consumption and its usage indices correspond to the level achieved by Western in particular, North-European countries.

Republic of Latvia – səhifə 6

Table 8 Distance to the emergency exit Fire safety level of the building. In stage work galleries it is permissible to connect fire taps to the upright tubes of the stage sprinkler system. Number of people on emergency evacuation routes in halls for public events. Strategy of Energy Economy. If the area of the boards of the stage is up to m 2three fire taps shall bln installedif the area is larger — four fire taps shall be installed and they may be open, without lockers. Minister for Environmental Protection.

De Gruyter – Sciendo. Budjko 1 and V.

Influence of Changes in Hot Water Consumption on the DHS Development

Fire taps shall be installed:. In rooms with exits to a dead-end corridor or hall. The goal of the authors was to clarify how the district heating system DHS development is affected by the heat consumption.

Buildings at cultural and entertainment institutions shall have 221-988 following fire-fighting equipment:. In rooms located between staircases or exits to the outside. Additional energy saving in a building with improved insulation. The primary emphasis was given to the hot water consumption, with its noticeable daily fluctuations as well as changes caused by those in the inhabitants’ way of life.

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Pressure in the fire taps located on the boards of the stage shall ensure a compact water spout, which exceeds the distance from the boards to the coverings of the flies by two meters. DHS development ; environment management methods ; hot water consumption. Drenchers for lhn stage portal and scenery safe shall be divided into two separate sections. If the capacity of the external water supply is not sufficient for the supply of the calculated amount of water for the elimination of fire or if the supply pipes are connected to the closed networksunderground reservoirs shall be created the volume of which shall ensure:.


Sign in to annotate. Isolating shut-off dampers in the network shall be so installed that there are not more than two branches in the sector to be shut off. User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content. Issue 3 First Online: The internal network of fire taps shall be a loop with two supply pipes from the external network, as well as with an isolation device for the sprinkler and drencher system.

A drencher device may have the following control function:. The summary calculated water consumption shall be the largest of the following two internal fire-fighting system usages if:.