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Home Storage Center Prices and Products To see a list of center locations and their hours, click here. If hours are not listed, please call your Home Storage. Where Can I Find the LDS Cannery Price List & Order Form? Order Form – If you plan on purchasing food at the LDS Cannery you can download the current. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. LDS Cannery Home Storage Center Order Form Download forms here by clicking on the following links: Home .

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Click here to find a center near you. Orders typically leave the distribution center within a day or two after they are placed, but when you get your order depends on how quickly Fed Ex can get it to you based on where you live.

Most of our sugar does come from GMO sugar beets, but because sugar is a highly refined product, the structure of sucrose table sugar is the same whether it comes from a GMO sugar beet or some other source. Christi on September 21, at I’ve sent your worksheet to your inbox! The foods on this list are those that will help to ensure we are getting basic nutrients in times of need.

We are so very lucky Vee Moore! They encourage that you store as much as your circumstances allow. Free Food Storage Class! Oh my goodness Staci! Unless a product is defective, returns and exchanges will only be accepted if the item is in new condition. I have a center very close that I plan to learn more about now.


Tammy on August 3, at 7: I have visited many Home Storage Centers, and my experience has always been fantastic! Would love any info on the subject! I’ve just sent your worksheet to your inbox!

Home Storage Center Order Form

Cherie Schadler on August 15, at 1: I also wanted to answer as many of your questions as I possibly could. No, canners are no longer available for checkout from any Home Storage Center. Thank you and Welcome! However, the food is the same, and it is properly packaged for long term storage and available at extremely low prices. Today, I lish to clear up any confusion and make it clear that these facilities are a fantastic resource for anyone and everyone seeking to build up their food storage!

Last, we are only looking to cover costs and not make a profit, so we are able to pass kist savings on to those who shop the home storage pds. They did not have to do this, and I, for one, found it insightful and helpful.

Thank you for taking the time to find all of this out for us! So easy to navigate too!

Home Storage Center Order Form

Wow, Misty this is amazing! Are the canned beans cooked or are they dried beans that need to be cooked? Click on the location, and the address and phone number will pop up. Your email address will not be published. Return or exchange items at any home storage center.


I’ve just sent a link to the food storage class to your inbox! Thank you, for the wonderful job you do.

Find a Home Storage Center. And for good reason! Thank you for this article as it was very informative.

I was aware of the Centers but not aware that all people could use llds. Oh, for sure Christi! Purchase empty 10 cans HERE.

LDS Cannery (aka Home Storage Center): What You Need to Know Before Going

We have created a long-term food storage building plan. I usually have a class every March or April and I always reference your site on my resource page. Some food is sourced from others that we have approved as suppliers. You are so on top of things!!! It was so confusing to me too, so I just had to put all the info in one place to help me remember.

Vee Moore on August 4, at 4: