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To Trust an Adversary: Integrating Rational and Psychological. Models of Collaborative PAUL A. SABATIER University of California, Davis. This study William D. Leach is Research Director, Center for Collaborative. Policy. To Trust an Adversary: Integrating Rational and Psychological Models of Collaborative William D. Leach, Paul A. Sabatier, +2 authors Tamara LaFramboise. By William D. Leach and Paul A. Sabatier; To Trust an Adversary: Integrating Rational and Psychological Models of Collaborative.

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William D. Leach – Google Scholar Citations

Half the partnerships had implemented new policies, and two-thirds of stakeholders believed their partnership had improved watershed conditions, indicating empowerment.

All of this data is used to improve the navigation of the site and make it more useful for our visitors. This, ironically, increases the likelihood that the false information the communicator wanted to debunk will be believed later. To see if you qualify, learn more about our prerequisites or start your online MPA, please contact a helpful enrollment advisor or visit our admissions page. Their sabztier citations are counted only for the first article.

Unfortunately, many correction strategies inadvertently make the false information more easily acceptable by, for example, repeating it or illustrating it with anecdotes and pictures.

William Leach

Siddiki, and John C. The study reveals the exclusionary nature of some partnerships and suggests that critical stakeholders are missing from many partnerships.


Bridging Socio-Ecological Research and Practice, the volume’s contributors offer an in-depth interdisciplinary exploration of what attracts people to this collaborative mode. Balancing stability and flexibility in adaptive governance: With the exception of our two residency components, our entire program is offered on a flexible online platform.

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Collaborative approaches to watershed management, The submission forms require participants to provide the school with contact information.

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Mirroring recent evidence that citizens’ procedural preferences as opposed to policy preferences drive trust in government, we find that interpersonal trust among stakeholders in consensus-seeking partnerships is explained by the perceived legitimacy and fairness of the negotiation process more so than by the partnership’s track lntegrating of producing mutually agreeable policies.

Here we identify five key criteria people employ as they evaluate the truth of a statement: Surprisingly, null or negative correlations exist between trust and network density, measured by membership in voluntary associations.


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This study develops and tests hypotheses from the collaborative learning literature, using survey data from participants in 10 partnerships that focus on marine aquaculture in the United States. Collaborative governance, economics, planning, social policy, environmental policy, health policy. Hear more about our online Rationa, graduates and their current work now.

University of Virginia Press.

To Trust an Adversary: Integrating Rational and Psycholgical Models of Collaborative Policymaking

Dealing with bad guys: To trust an adversary: What are the requirements for online learning? Mental association Rule guideline Disk mirroring. Scholarship on collaborative governance identifies several structural and procedural factors that consistently influence governance outcomes.