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Learning the Lesser Hexagram Rituals Part I. by Simon Jester. How to form Elemental Hexagrams. The Hexagram Rituals used by magicians when working with. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram can be performed with either your pointer finger or a wand. 1. Perform the LBRP, making sure to finish the ritual. The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram: Banishing. This ritual is to be performed after the “Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram.” Stand upright, feet together, left arm at .

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This method is particularly recommended in conjunction with recitations of corresponding chapters in the Holy Book Liber 7.

These gods banishiing their myth show leseer powerful process in the life and spiritual practice of the initiate. For the Pentagram rituals, the attribution was Terrestrial or By the Winds. Draw the Saturn triangle first, then draw the Luna triangle. You bring a fantastic level of clarity and understanding to subjects that have otherwise seemed vague. Then let him say: In the case when working with Jupiter and El as God name to bring in financial help?

All contraries are reconciled at this point.

Therefore, this number symbolizes that the Star Sapphire is an baniishing of previously existing Hexagram rituals. Then face East and say: The winds from the west are Cool and Moist so Water is in the west. These can be depicted as blue and red respectively. Talking About Ritual Magick Loading These are not understood merely as such, however. Fortuna Minor is the downward part of the wheel of fortune and the weakening of active positive solar force and he move to constrained negative solar force.

As always, personal experience will be the hexagraj guide. One begins an endeavor with a sense of initial enthusiasm.


At the same time, beginners often can have excellent experiences thhe planetary invocations. To banish, as opposed to invoke, a particular planet begin with a license to depart and then perform the ‘inverse’ of the above.

Move clockwise to the North.

Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram

Ebony Anpu understood these to represent diagrammatically the form of sexual union of each quarter’s couple. Click here to sign up now and help support Augoeides!

This article is more of a how-to or need-to-know piece that explains how the ritual is performed rather than addressing all of its deep symbolism. Geomantic symbols are important because they represent planetary force rltual in the earth. In the Regardie papers, reference is made to a Supreme Ritual of the Hexagram.

The magician should experiment with these various forms to find the one that works for them. My presentation was somewhat lightly att That would be because the one source sold over three hundred thousand copies.

The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram: Banishing

Stand upright, feet together, left arm at side, right arm across body, holding the wand or other weapon upright in the median line.

If using a wand or other implement, hold it upright in front of the body. So essentially, this short passage recounts the Osiran myth, in which Osiris is slain by his brother Set and resurrected by his wife Isis. This page has been accessed times. To banish, draw away from its angle.

Greater Ritual of the Hexagram

With regard to readiness therefore, there is no definite benchmark. It’s like taking a flashlight and putting a red filter over the first GRH and then putting a blue filter on top of that second GRH. Let him go round to the North, make the Holy Hexagram, and then say: If the elemental forces are often below the level of magical coherence bajishing the ego-consciousness of the magician, the planetary forces are likewise often above that level.


Much of the material in Kraig is basically correct, and he does explain it well. They bring down power to a level where the magician can directly use it. Draw the symbol of the planet in the center of the Hexagram, tracing it left to right and clockwise as much as possible to invoke.

Apparently one of the external sites I link to has a version of the ritual that differs from the version that I use, and that version has a couple of changes that I don’t personally like.

Each quarter invokes one of the four possible combinations of these aspects. To lesseg, visualize the light as drawn back into the personal aura, which then gradually shifts back to white.

Thelemapedia: The Encyclopedia of Thelema & Magick | Greater Ritual of the Hexagram

There are no instructions in the original G. Again, just as with Pentagrams, you visualize the Elemental Hexagrams forming in lines of bright light and floating in the air at a point directly in front of you.

This can make this kind of Magick, if not precisely dangerous, at least difficult, as it requires the release of a lessser direct agency to allow superconsciousness to work upon ego-consciousness. I have not done any work along those lines, but I am willing to share a few thoughts on it.

The repetition of Virgo shows a loop. Typically, the downward pointing triangle is understood to be that of Water, the upward pointing one that of Fire. To invoke a planet, draw towards its angle. It is similar to the inertia that someone has when starting the work.