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On September 12th, the infamous cybercrime law project known as “Ley Beingolea” appeared at the top of the National Congress of Peru’s list. aljathro. 7 subscribers. Subscribe · Dictamen de la ley de delitos informáticos – aka Ley Beingolea. Share. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn’t. En el balance, aunque el Proyecto del Ejecutivo resulta muy superior a la Ley Beingolea en tratamiento legislativo, también contiene.

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Ninja profile3 Oct 4: I meant “terrifying implication”. Why public discussion is important?

Follow me glynmoody on Twitter or identi. What about online ad technology that find out your gender and show ads of things that your gender is more likely to buy? That’s the beauty of it. Anonymous Coward3 Oct 8: The new text, prepared by Congress member Juan Carlos Eguren, looks like a mix between different cybercrime law projects — not using Ley Beingolea, but instead drawing on a new law project the Ministry of Justice prepared one month ago.

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Still don’t see lry people can’t have a public debate about issues, like GitHub, it is public, and people start adopting what they like more than what crazy people want, good code always rise to the top along with good governance, open source has a way to make that happen, because most people are not crazy, they are moderates and so mostly by trial and error crowds even without central coordination find the most appropriate path to something and when even brainless fungus can do it why not societies?


Have a Techdirt Account? In a brief analysis, the new cybercrime beihgolea contains nine different criminal offenses: On September 12th, the infamous cybercrime law project known as “Ley Beingolea” appeared at the top of the National Beinbolea of Peru’s list of projects to debate, despite many criticisms and requests from civil society for open dialogue.

What followed next was even more incredible: Explore some core concepts: Like showing ads beinvolea manly and fatty foods for men browsing the web, and only diet food for women, does that count as discriminating for implying women need to go on a diet?

Use markdown for basic formatting. Expect this law to be largely applied to the Peruvians while systematically ignored when there’s a Govt official involved. Test drive our new responsive design! This feature is only available to registered users. SimCity Kneecaps The Modding But as Access Now reports, this process has just been concluded in a pretty outrageous fashiondisplaying deep contempt for the Peruvian people: Many of the laws provisions — such as illegal personal data traffic art.

Poder Ejecutivo propone un nuevo Proyecto de Ley sobre delitos informáticos

This is yet another symptom of a disease that’s widespread in the world: Leaving aside the issue of whether a law against discrimination based on garments is really necessary, the key point here is that the mere act of using a computer is seen as aggravating an offense. Methinks they’ve been studying D. Techdirt is off until the new year! The only “digital” difference here is that when the discrimination takes place using information technologies it is considered an aggravation of the same offense, just as with violent discrimination acts.


Poder Ejecutivo propone un nuevo Proyecto de Ley sobre delitos informáticos –

Your info beinngolea secure with us. If you liked this post, you may also be interested in Only three days before, on September 9th, Miguel Morachimo, the leader of the digital rights organization Hiperderechowrote about that draft saying:.

Anonymous Coward3 Oct 7: Politicians are the infinite fountain of jokes. December 23rd – 29th 9. Five hours later, a completely new text entered into discussion and was passed by the Congress, without any public review. In practice, this will lead to tougher penalties for those who commit the same crime merely for their use of technology in its commission.

Now that the law has passed, the only hope of stopping its coming into effect is for Peruvian President Ollanta Humala to veto. Close Have a Techdirt Account?

Don’t be afraid of debate embrace it and things will mostly turn ok, don’t and mockery and pain will be the end results almost every time. CuriosityStream 2 Year Subscription 0 There is no mention about why the current regulation of cyber crimes would be inappropriate, nor is it mentioned how many cases and of what type have been known by the prosecution office or the courts since we have such provisions in our criminal code.

Governments don’t give a shit about the people, they govern for themselves.